Help me eliminate gridlines on a Word table
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How do I more-or-less permanently hide gridlines on a table in a Word document, so that the person who opens that document (after I submit it electronically) won't see those gridlines?

My resume is composed in table in a Word document (I'm using Word 2004 for Mac). I click off the gridlines (and use no borders) when I'm looking at it, and then save it that way. Whenever I open it, though, I see gray gridlines throughout and those don't look so "clean." I don't want the recipient to see that sloppiness, and I can't just convert it to pdf (my preferred solution) because the jobs site where I must submit this resume allows only Word.

Is there something I can do to make sure the gridlines stay "turned off," both for me when I reopen it, and for the recipient when she gets it?
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I don't have the same version but can you add white borders to the table? That should keep them from appearing.
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Yes, change the gridlines to white.
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[comments removed, folks, please read the entire question, pdf is not an option]
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It's not colour, even with border colour set to no line, no colour they show grey right? They dont print. Try making the document read only/write protected? That's likely to be more intrusive than the lines though... Might there be an option buried for "hide non printing elements" or "force print preview" or something?
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I like the white border color solution best. If there's any reason that's not ideal, you could experiment with tabs (left, center, right, decimal), columns, and/or adjusted margins. It wouldn't be a table but the data would be aligned like in a table with invisible borders.
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Highlight the entire table, then find the option up in the menu that says "convert table to text." It will ask you if you want to put a TAB where the lines were, and you should say YES.

This used to bug me until an IT person at work showed me how to do it...
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1. Select the entire table, right-click and select Table Properties
2. Click Borders and Shading
3. In the Borders tab, on the left side, select none
voila - a table with no (visible) borders!
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I just re-read your question - the viewer may see what you're referring to, depending on their Word settings.
If the viewer (of your resume) has most of the options turned off, they probably won't see the 'gray' border you referred.
I've used tables in my resume for over a decade, done just as I described, and no one has ever mentioned it to me.
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There should be an option under Tables specifically to "Show Gridlines" or "Hide Gridlines" depending upon how the table is currently set (i.e., to show or not). You may have to look for it depending upon your version of Word, but it should be there.
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Thanks everyone! Adding a border and turning that border white worked like a charm!
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