Please help me (properly!) format this poster info into as many cool languages as you can
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Please help me (properly!) format my gig poster info into as many cool languages as you can

I'm working on a gig poster for Cold War Kids and I have a concept I think would be interesting to persue.
It involves repeating the show info graphically in a number of different languages. I could just Babelfish it but I want to make sure I have the proper syntax, order of information etc.

Now I would guess the bands name is the same throughout, so what I need is.

"presents" in the sense of (Production company) presents (band)

The date:
Thursday November 11 7pm

"Tickets available at"

And the address:
2708 J Street

So as many different languages as I can get proper translations in to would be great. And thanks in advance for the help. With a little luck I think this could really be something.
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(Production Company) präsentiert (Band)
Donnerstag, 11. November um 19:00
Karten verfügbar bei (TicketMaster or whatever)

Now, "Karten verfügbar bei" is kind of a literal translation. I think a native speaker would understand it, but I don't think it's the usual construction for advertising a ticket sale. For that I think it would be more like "Karten bei (Ticketmaster) kaufen" ('buy tickets at') or "Karten bei (Ticketmaster) bestellen" ('order tickets at').

I'm not sure what you had in mind regarding the address. You could use Straße instead of Street if you wanted.
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(company) présente (band)
Jeudi, 11 Novembre à 19h

The address would be written like this
2078, rue J
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(Production company) bemutatja Cold War Kids-et
csütörtök, 11 november - 19 orákor

jegyek: (name of place where you can get tickets)

cím: 2708 J Street

note: Hungarian capitalises the first word of a sentence, but not names of months or days.
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And in Hungarian, the address would be like this:

J u. 2708

But that might confuse English speakers!
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After reviewing some more German concert posters, I'm going to revise my answer a bit. The tickets part should be:

"Karten bei (Wherever)" or "Kartenvorverkauf (Wherever)" or just "Vorverkauf (Wherever)"

There are some other ways to render it, but those seem to be the most common.
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(Production company) præsenterer (band)

Torsdag d. 11. November, kl. 19

Billetter kan købes her:

J Gade 2708
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Response by poster: Ha these are great.
Thanks guys!
Really appreciate it.
Keep em comin!
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(Production company) presenta a (band)

Jueves 11 de noviembre, 7 pm
Boletos a la venta en Calle J no. 2708
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Response by poster: Anyone got any Russian?
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παρουσιαζει (presents)

Πεμπτη, 11 Νοεμβρίου (date)
ώρα 7.00 μ.μ. (time)
Οδός J 2708. (address)

Πωλοuνται Eισιτήρια Σto: (tickets are being sold at, however i might drop the last word "Σto" and just go with "tickets are being sold")
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Production Company anatoa Band
Alhamisi, 11 Novemba saa moja usiku
Tiketi zinauzwa katika Place Where Tickets are Sold
2708 barabara ya J
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(And just because it sounds cool, the Cold War Kids would be Watoto wa Vita Baridi)
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(Production Company) presenta (band)

Giovedì 11 novembre, ore 19

Vendita biglietti in (address)
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(Production company) プレゼンツ (band)
チケットは2708 J Streetで発売中です。
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Russian, following consultation with native speaker


Четверг 11 ноября в 19:00

Билеты в продаже на сайте
Билеты уже в продаже

Ул. J 2708
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I stand to be corrected as it's not really my area, but in Chinese it would be some like:

演出主办: (Production company) [Presented by (Production company)]
演出时间:[Date and time of performance goes here; Chinese format is y-m-d-t, e.g. 2010年10月9日20:00]
票务:[several options for this and all the ones I usually see are for ticket hotlines which tends to be worded differently; the word I've used is equivalent to 'ticketing' and I think works with an address, if I understand you correctly. If the address is where the gig is taking place, that would be 演出地点:and follow a similar format to the above]
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Throwing in a Hebrew translation:

Presents: מציג
The Date: יום חמישי, ה-7 בנובמבר
Tickets: ניתן להשיג כרטיסים
Address: 2708 רחוב ג'יי
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Response by poster: Poster is finished!
Thanks for all your help everyone.
Not all languages made the cut, and some are distressed and washed out, but ultimately I achieved what I set out to.

You can see it here.

Thanks again!
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