Peppy upbeat electric guitar with string background?
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What are some songs that sound like this one? Difficulty: it's a remix of a song from a video game soundtrack.

The song is First Victory, from the Phoenix Wright soundtrack, remixed by OA on OCRemix. I like the strings at 0:36, and how they feel as if they're driving the tempo. I like the upbeat tone of the whole thing, and I freaking love the guitar solo that starts at 1:45, and how it pushes the song from "happy" to "powerful".

What other songs might I like? Vocal or instrumental, big name or indie band. Assume that I have never listened to any music in this genre, so all suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
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The granddaddies of the "video game music played by actual bands" genre are The Advantage and Minibosses. Maybe start with them on Pandora and see what develops?
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Oh, also: Keiichi Suzuki's "Satellite Serenade," as remixed by Sasha & Digweed on one of the Northern Exposure records. It's a surprisingly moving piece of music.
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Well, I'm not much of a music nerd. But, some stuff to look at: Since its a video game, the music is probably Japanese. J-pop might be the genre to look at. Also, anime soundtracks, though an entire genre in of itself, has some great songs. Masakazu Sugimori is listed as the composer of for the original song. <- is probably the most famous video game composer, ever.

Try youtubing stuff. Inital D is an anime with a lot of songs
with lots of energy (though, to me, a sort of europop feel) DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) also has a lot of high energy songs. Dragonforce is an English band, known for awesomely fast songs that often have fairly silly, heroic themes. Since I'm pretty much linkdumping all my favorite stuff here, I also like Nightwish. (starts out with some other intro) (Not upbeat, but fun :D )
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After listening to that song, this is the first thing that came to my mind. Difficulty: It's also an obscure video game song. So here's the backstory, if you're remotely interested...

There's a free Dance Dance Revolution clone available for your computer called StepMania. Anyone can add any song to the game. Somebody in Japan created a whole pack of music for it (all original/indie, as far as I can tell, though I don't read Japanese) called Foonmix. Later the same person released Foonmix PLUS and Foonmix 2. All of these are very, very good if you're into DDR. The song I linked above comes from Foonmix 2 and is called "Out of Curiosity."

Even if you're not into DDR, if you like this sound you might like the music from those packs. You can download the .smzip files (they're regular ZIP files with a proprietary extension) and find the MP3s within the folders inside. Here are some other Foonmix tunes you might like:

1832 Woodhaven Way
Frozen Bond
Star Dust "Faraway Ignis"
Destined Marionette

Since it's so obscure, these were only the songs I could find YouTube videos for. There's a bunch of other good stuff in there that I can't find previews for. Many different musical styles. :-)

Also, if you haven't seen it, Canon Rock might be right up your alley too. I also have a feeling you might like DragonForce but I could be way off. A lot of my suggestions here have been considerably louder/faster than the song you linked too. Hope that's okay.
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Pogo... no? So good.
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I'm hearing more than a few shades of The Postal Service in there. Lacks the obvious guitar you asked for but the mood is so similar I thought it was worth linking.
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I was going to recommend some Vanessa Mae because I think she fits the feel if not the description, but I think this actually fits the description: Kokia - Tatta Hitotsu no Omoi (instrumental).
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