I'd like to meet the awesome guys
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Where can I meet awesome guys in person in the Silicon Valley? Bonus points for places where it would be easier to strike up a conversation with them.

Having been out of the dating arena for a long time and unfamiliar with the area, I have no idea where to look. I know this area is supposed to be full of single guys, but in my day-to-day life I mainly just see middle aged married couples and their kids. I am in my earlyish 20s.

The guys I'm looking for are:

Mid 20s to early 30s, at least a few years out of college.
Awesome- meaning smart, nice, socially adept, do not go into withdrawals without a screen in front of their eyes 24/7.
Fairly similar culturally to your average young, city dwelling, progressive American.

Among a lot of other things, I'm open to pubs, pick-up sports games, places of worship, festivals, even particular streets or stores if you think they would be good places to meet people.

The one thing I'm NOT looking for, right now, are online dating websites or things that are arranged on the internet like speed dating events. I don't think there's anything bad about meeting people that way, I just want to try the other way first. The exception is if you know of a particularly great Meetup that is usually full of great guys, I would like to know about it. I've just done Meetup.com things in the past, and had a couple bad experiences. I'm still open, though.
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Have you tried volunteering? OneBrick has listings of various events and activities where you can help out the community and, in the process, meet people. If you want a younger crowd you should probably pick outdoor activities (of which there are likely to be fewer this time of year) rather than indoor ones.

Mrs. Lurgi and I met at a OneBrick event a few years ago.
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Are you male or female?
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You could try the Planet Granite climbing gyms. The guys there tend to be in shape and the ones in your age range generally have tech jobs.
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AkzidenzGrotesk: I'm female.
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TEDx. Museum events. Art openings. Nonprofit benefits, especially ones with full bar.
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Seconding just.good.enough. Climbers generally are cooperative and when you are trying a move and you get it you also get encouragement from whomever happens to be watching. Same is true for Pacific Edge in Santa Cruz.

Volleyball at Fair Oaks park in Sunnyvale.

Just about any yoga class you find.

San Jose Bike Party.
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I think the Brittania Arms has pub quizzes/trivia nights.
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If you go take a salsa class in San Jose at J Smooth Salsa in Japantown San Jose, most of the time it's a mostly male class.

Climbing gyms are good. If you're athletic and want to meet athletic, try a CrossFit affiliate. There are lots of them in the Silicon Valley.

Since you're college-aged, you can always attend events at local universities. Events @ Stanford, Events @ San Jose State University. The more scientific or technical the meetup or conference, the more heavily male-skewed the crowd will be.

The local coffeehouses, particularly Barefoot Coffee and Mission City, are full of single guys and are very social. Think independent(ish), not Starbucks, not Peet's. Roy's Station in San Jose's Japantown is quirky and open.

Finally, if you like underground music and you like to dance (i.e.: house, techno), there are underground parties in the area, mostly in San Francisco, but there are spots in the South Bay as well. One old standby is Cardiff Lounge, the only place in the South Bay that regularly plays house music. If you're okay with traveling to San Francisco, the Forward parties take place in underground venues (sometimes in warehouses, even) and have a much less "see-and-be-seen" mature atmosphere. Likewise with the Stompy/Sunset party, which happens on the Sunday of any three-day weekend.

I live in the Silicon Valley. There are lots of single men here.
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Graduate students at Stanford skew heavily male. Back in my days there living on campus in graduate student housing (1999-2002), the "grad student parties" would have been an excellent opportunity for single women to meet "eligible" men.
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