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RUNNING FILTER CANADIAN STYLE: Gotta do a training run in Toronto.

I'll be in Toronto this coming weekend for a conference but I'm also more than halfway through marathon training and have to run a 13 miler. I'm staying downtown (Queen Street) and would like to run early on Saturday morning. My questions are:

1. Are you interested in showing me the town through a quick 13 mile run? (9:30"- 10"/mi pace)


2. Can you recommend a good route? I tried mapmyrun but I don't know Toronto so I don't know the shady or busy parts.


3. Is there a running club that runs on Saturday mornings that I could join for the day?

Thanks in advance!
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That's like 20 km. I suggest getting down to the lake and there's a paved trail that goes a long waaaay in each direction and is pedestrians only (well, plus bikes sometimes). From downtown basically go straight south to the lake and I'd suggest running west. Use google maps to figure out a turnaround or bring your garmin or whatever. But that's easy and it's a pleasant run.
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Oh, it's called the Martin Goodman Trail.
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Thank you SO much!
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If you're around Sunday most Toronto-area Running Room locations have a Sunday morning group run. Toronto Running Room locations.
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Also, Toronto doesn't really have parts that are shady when the sun comes up (ha! that's a little punny). But the route that GuyZero pointed out will surely have other runners on it as soon as the sun rises, you won't be isolated. Especially if you run west, you won't ever be far from a major road (Lakeshore Boulevard).
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