Need some fun ways to reveal my baby's sex
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What are some interesting ways to reveal my baby's sex? The catch is is that I don't know it either.

I go on Saturday early morning for my 20 week ultrasound and I'll be taking my mom and two sisters. My original plan was to have the sex written down and open it in December when we're out to eat. I'm thinking that I want to open it sooner and that I want it to be fun. We wont be sharing the sex with other family members right now due to a baby shower game (which was the reason for the original wait) so its just the four of us. This is my mom's first grandbaby and maybe the last from me. I want it to be memorable and fun just because.

What can I do that will be great for us if we are able to see the sex? I have nothing beyond opening the envelope over waffles. I'd prefer for us to all find out at the same time.

So, any fun ideas?
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Maybe give the envelope to the waiter and ask them to prepare the waffles based on the sex? Bring out something with blueberries for a boy and strawberries for a girl?
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I don't know what baby shower game you have in mind, so this might step on it. But...

Find a way to deliver the message to all of the baby shower guests in advance without seeing it for yourself. Everyone will know but you, and the big reveal will come *at* the baby shower, when you open the gifts and find out for yourself.

This will require great patience but the payoff should be a lot of fun. Don't send out the message to everyone too early, so the rumors won't come back to you before it's time. In a way, it's kind of like a surprise party for yourself... you know it's coming, but you don't know what will happen when it does.
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Just to warn you, there is a decent change that you won't be able to determine the sex at this ultrasound, especially if it is a girl. [whomp whomp whomp - debby downer]
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On the flip side, if it is a boy, and you know what you're looking for, his penis may be so obvious that you'll all know at the ultrasound.
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True story: we decided to wait on finding out the sex, so we asked the technician at the 20 week to write it down on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. I wasn't sure if I could stand going through the whole pregnancy not knowing.

Mr. Llama asked her if she could tell the sex and she said, 'Oh, wow. Can I!

So we assumed it was a boy with a particularly giant penis and were thrilled to find out when she turned out to be a girl in the OR (c-section).

I so endorse waiting. But that's not your question! Personally, I think opening an envelope over waffles with your mom and sisters sounds just great.

But then I really like waffles.
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Someone told me once about a gender cake. Ask the technician to write the sex down and put it in a sealed envelope, then give the envelope to a baker. Ask them to color the icing on the -inside- of the cake dependent on the sex of the baby. Then you can reveal the color to your close family over cake!
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I also think opening the envelope together over waffles sounds wonderful and will be an emotional experience in itself. Maybe you can go out shopping for a gender-appropriate outfit afterwards?

IANA ultrasound tech, but I've had many ultrasounds (high risk pregnancy) and the techs have told me several times what they are looking for to determine the sex. For a girl, they are looking for three distinct white lines. So a girl can be just as plain & apparent to the tech as a boy would be, in the right position. But someone like me needs the lines pointed out.

I've not had a boy, but it sounds like from what k8t says that it could be very obvious. You may want to tell the tech to have you look away.

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I helped reveal the gender of my friends' baby via a cake, and a great time was had by all. The ultrasound tech wrote the gender on a card and sealed in an envelope. They gave it to me and I had a cake made that was pink inside. See my previous question.
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A friend of mine just did something neat to find out the sex of her second child. She had the ultrasound tech write down the gender on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. My friend then gave this to another friend who baked a cake, with the cake color corresponding to the gender (in this case, it was a boy, so the cake layers were blue). The cake was frosted in white, so nobody could tell the inner color. Then, after a big family dinner, the expectant couple cut into the cake and showed the rest of the family the color of the cake. The photos were great and so was the excitement since the couple and family were all finding out the gender together.
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Remember, if they say it's a boy, then there's probably really visible evidence of his little "man"hood. If it's a girl, they'll say "it might be a girl", because the ultrasound doesn't always reveal a boy's equipment, no matter how good the ultrasound tech is.

If you get the new 3D scanning thing, only then will you know for sure. And congrats, btw!
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Nope, I repeat: for a girl, they are looking for three distinct white lines. Not the absence of a penis.

Anyway, how about giving someone at the restaurant the envelope, a teddy bear, a blue ribbon, and a pink one. She can open the envelope in private, then tie the appropriate ribbon around the bear's neck and bring it out to you.
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