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Putting together a Stockholm based scavenger hunt / amazing race type of activity. What should it include? Do you have non-city-specific ideas, come on in too!

I want to send groups of people haring across Stockholm gathering clues or completing missions that will get them out and about and experiencing the city a little differently. I am mainly looking for stuff in town, but am open to things in the suburbs as well for use in the future in a more wide-ranging or longer activity.

Ideally the clues etc would be static, in other words that I don't need to go out myself and leave things hidden, but don't let that stop you if you have a great idea. By this I might mean that they visit a statue, count the number of L's in the inscription, and then take the subway that many stops south for the next step.

Ideally everything other than transport would be free to access.
Ideally there will be ways for them to prove they were "there".

The people involved are young Swedish speakers usually with some English if that is relevant to a clue you want to provide.

The only thing I know for sure I am going to include is part of the Swedish Solar System.

Anything else I need to think of for this type of activity? Should I let two small teams compete against each other? With different missions in that case? Is it better to split into pairs? Enlighten me!I have read this and this thread already.
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Best answer: I don't know anything about sweden, but I recently created a scavenger hunt for my hometown. I devised a whole series of clues based on landmarks. Each player must solve a puzzle to get the answer that leads to the next clue, and so on, and so on.

You can look for spy-code websites to get ideas of how to create clues. You can give each team a packet of information and tools to help them figure each puzzle out, depending on how you've structured it.

if you let them out at the same time, the winners can earn a prize for arriving first. In order to win, the players will have to show that they took photos of each location. Give them -5 minutes for each collected item or souvenir (specified by you) from each of the locations.

My advice: don't make the answers be something they can google/search on the Internet. IMHO it really spoils the spirit of the game.
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Best answer: Getting them to take photos on a digital camera to prove that they were there is a good idea...

For tasks:

- Take a photo of the group at the top of Katarinahissen
- Count the number of triangles on the ground at Sergels Torg
- Find out the number of entrances at Globen
- Take a queue ticket from the ticket counter at Stockholm C
- Find out the cost of a latte at a random café
- Name the shop next to the X at X

Just some suggestions.... not overly adventurous though sorry...!
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Response by poster: I fail at askme questions, thank you so much both for answering! The sergelstorg triangles is a fantastic idea! And I like the queue number idea, but I might take a different location. The time bonus is a great idea too!

There's a difficulty layer that prevents me doing some more fun stuff in that my participants are hmmm well not actually gang members, but would attract the same kind of attention doing some stuff that a bunch of preppy White adults wouldn't. They are also going to consider this work rather than fun to begin with, so the curve has to be about right.

While I have you here, can I get feedback on an idea of making it a little "adversarial" in the following manner?
Team 1 is to take a pic of themselves at (clue location) at (clue o clock). Team 2 gets a bonus if they manage to photograph Team 1 at that location given the same clue. And vice versa of course.
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