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How does one find an iDevice app creator? I have ideas but not the technical expertise.

Hello wonderful MeFi's,
Ever since acquiring an iPod Touch (an early Christmas gift from a wonderful fiancé), I've been fortunate to develop a number of ideas for apps. I'd love to develop them myself, but I haven't the technical knowledge or particular interest to learn. I'd rather not just sell the idea to an existing company (is that even possible?), but actively develop / design it with a more technically knowledgeable partner.

So where are they? I considered craigslist before remembering the amount of spam that already makes it to my inbox. I'd prefer the personal connection, but I'd happily hire an Indian (or any other person!) with the coding abilities willing to work with an idea. Any thoughts?
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Pat Flynn has had a lot of success with Elance and has detailed the likely costs and processes on his blog.
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Not to toot my own horn too much, but I'm about to start a freelance iPhone app development job for a guy in the US (I'm based in Canada). I've already been through the full development cycle, including getting into the store.

I'd be happy to talk to you about your ideas (memail is a good start), though I'll tell you up front that I'm picky with who I work with - I want to know that my clients know what they want, and how they define success.
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You could try SourceBits.
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