How to make an offline interactive map with overlays.
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How can I make an interactive map with KML overlays (clickable points of interest) that will work offline, and cross platform?

So I have a project where I want to be able to load up a few hundred points of interest onto a map of a small city. I want these points to be click-able so they have a pop-up box that expands with more information. I want the map to pan zoom and scroll like google maps. I also want all of this to work offline on a tablet computer, so no internet connection. And, of course, I also want a pony.

What I am thinking is to use open layers and a local copy of open street map tiles (simple roadmap base layer). This way it would run in javascript and should work on most browsers and operating systems. Only problem is I cant find any documentation on how to get openlayers to load the tiles off of my hard drive. Or for that matter if it will even be able to load a KML file offline.

Is there a way to do this? Are there other programs/scripts/projects I should be looking into for this? Or any ready made solutions?

As for resources, assume no budget, and a not so good programmer who is however quite good at dissecting and poking at example scripts and modifying them for the job at hand.
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Could you create the map w/ pop ups in Google's My Maps, then export it to Google Earth, and cache the necessary information you need using Google Earth's cacheing feature?

Google Earth apparently works with Mac, Linux and Windows - but maybe that's not cross platform enough? For Iphone (and Ipad, I presume) I use the MyMaps app to cache my Google My Maps. There's probably similar for Android.
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