I need a new lipstick
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What are some recommendations for matte, long-lasting lipstick?

I usually buy Aveda for cosmetics but apparently their product line for lipsticks has gone to glossy, "moisturizing" lipsticks that taste like candle wax and are gone if I so much as take a drink of water.

Can you recommend brands or product lines of lipstick that have more of a long lasting, less glossy finish? I tend to go for a pretty natural look so I'm not looking for deep reds, more like woodsy browns.

Any other advice on keeping lipstick on for more than ten minutes would be appreciated also.
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Well, as you have already observed, the more matte the longer-lasting.

A disadvantage is that your lips will be a lot drier.

There's only so much you can do to keep lipstick on, however, here is how I maximize the color time and minimize the chappedness.

I start by applying Vaseline SPF 15 to my lips and then I do the rest of my face. Then, I blot the Vaseline away, firmly but without rubbing.

I then take a lip pencil in the same color as my lips, and, resting the heel of my hand on my chin, I place the point at the low point of my cupid's bow. With one gesture, I line one side of the 'v' of the cupid's bow, and then one more gesture for the other side.

I draw one straight line to line the center of my bottom lip.

In one gesture, I draw a line from the outer corner of my top lip to meet the 'v' of my cupid's bow. Same on the other side.

In one gesture, I draw a line from the outer corner of my lower lip to meet the line I drew at the center. Same on other side. The lines at the outer corners of the lower lip must not meet the lines at the outer corners of the upper lip.

The lip line must not go beyond the actual edge of the lip, nor be inside it. It must exactly align with the actual edge of the lip.

Starting at the center and coloring outwards, I fill in the rest of each lip with the lip pencil.

Taking a lip brush, I paint the lipstick on, again starting at the center and coloring outwards, again resting the heel of my hand on my chin.

I take a single ply of a tissue and blot the color, without rubbing or smearing.

At this point, some people will say you should powder. This is too drying IMO.

Then I paint on a second coat of lipstick in the same way, and blot that.

To stop the lipstick getting on my teeth, I put my index finger all the way into my mouth, close my mouth, and slowly draw my index finger out. This takes away the color that would otherwise have gotten on my teeth.

I then take a sealer like Lipcote, paint it on, and leave it to dry for three minutes without allowing my lips to touch.

Then I paint on another coat and leave that to dry for 15 minutes.

I usually repeat this routine at the start of the afternoon, the start of the evening, and after meals. However, if my lips get chapped, I accept I'm going to have to put balm on them instead of going around with really gross chapped red lips. I also accept that any time I eat or drink, the lipstick is going to wear off. That's just the way it is.
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MAC cosmetics has a nice matte line that I use in the shade "Buerre." It's a nudie colour. Very matte. Somebody also has a drugstore brand called "ColourStay" (the brand name has worn off mine) and it's a lip stain so it will still be there after you've eaten lunch. Also nice .
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Like ThatCanadianGirl above, I enjoy lip stain for easy, longer-lasting, matte color. Mine is the Cover Girl "Outlast" brand.
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I love Chanel Rouge Coco. That's what I ended up with when I asked a Sephora employee for a natural-looking matte lipstick. I find it very comfortable to wear; it's not waxy at all. Personally, I use the Perlé shade.
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NARS (sold at Sephora, and I'm sure other places) makes a matte lipstick in thick pencil form that lasts for-freaking-ever. They go in a little more for glamor-girl reds, but I bet they would have some more neutral tones also.
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Lip stain here as well. I really like CG's Outlast - it's basically a marker, rather than the thick strange stuff in 12-hour lipstick. It doesn't last 12 hours either, but it lasts long enough for me.
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3rding the suggestion for lip stain. Revlon has a stain that I find tastes better than Cover Girl's.
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N-thing lip stain... some tips:

- You can TOTALLY go cheap with this stuff. It's dye in water, not rocket fuel. The "Lip & Cheek Stain" from The Body Shop is fine, as it the Cover Girl variety from the drugstore.

- You NEED to exfoliate and possibly moisturize your lips first. The stain will tint dry, scaly skin (and little wrinkles) WAY more than the rest of the skin, and you will look like you've been gutting squirrels with your teeth rather than delightfully pretty.

- Go with a lighter shade than you'd usually pick up. Stain can be intense, and while you can always apply additional layers - you can't take OUT intensity if a single coat is way too whorish.

- Be sure to apply lip balm/gloss after the stain. It can definitely be drying.... and, as stated in tip two above, dry lips and stain go together about as well as Oreos and horseradish.
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I find MAC lipsticks in matte shades last really well.

If you can find lipsticks that are essentially fat lipliners intended for coloring your whole mouth, those last really long too but take some practice using. Urban Decay makes one (the line used to have a much better range of colors, but it's still a pretty good brand and you can find it at Sephora).
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Bobbi Brown - linky!

I have used the dark reds, they wear really well.
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If you consider EmilyFlew's NARS recommendation, try Dolce Vita. It's a nice neutral color, and on me at least, it can look sheer or heavy depending on my application.
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When you brush your teeth, brush your lips as well, and that will take care of exfoliating them.
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Korres Guava Lipstick is a nice match for what you're after.

Snips from "Makeupalley.com" reviews [which I agree with]:

It's matte and long lasting- layered over Urban Decay Ozone liner, it lasted 3 hours, even with drinking. At the same time, it's not dry or chalky feeling.

...velvety matte finish combined with moisturizing properties combined with excellent pigmentation. For that this product is a winner to me.
This lipstick comes nicely packaged in a slim, sturdy dark brown tube; think MAC Slimshines. It also smells a lot like the typical MAC stuff. It goes on creamy, nice and smooth. Doesn't settle right into the cracks of my lips, like other matte lipsticks tend to do. It covers them evenly and goes on completely opaque, because it is richly pigmented, and true to color.

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nthing MAC matte lipsticks.

(and if anyone can find a supply of "Santiago" I will pay you to ship me a dozen or all that you can buy if they have less that number - seriously)
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Millionthing lip stain. Note: do not get the Lorac stuff or anything that comes with a rollerball applicator, because it will be messy and uneven. Marker-style is way better.

As for actual lipstick, the best I have found by far is Besame - it's matte without being cakey and lasts forever. The only problem is the color range is very limited, and Champagne is the only neutral.
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Vincent Longo makes the best lip stain I've ever used. Lipstick as well, although I haven't tried any matte ones.
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Chanel, MAC, and Nars are my lipstick brands - i have stopped bothering with any others!

A swipe of lip balm before I apply ANY makeup (I Like the elizabeth arden 8hr cream lip balm, sooooo emollient). Put on rest of makeup. Blot lip balm off. Swipe of lipstick. Blot. Lipstick. Blot. Lipstick. tad! Long lasting prettiness.

If I'm doing a show or event and need it to be ultra long lasting I also put foundation on my lips before lipstick goes on.
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The drugstore stuff (Maybelline Superstay, etc.) works pretty well ... just use little to none of the moisturizing balm on the other end of the product. The Maybelline also comes in a lot of neutralish shades.
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There are three drugstore brands that are "all day" color: Cover Girl Outlast, Max Factor Lipfinity, and Revlon ColorStay (I think that's what it's called; that's what I use every day now, you'd think I would know!)

All three come with a base color that you paint on, then let it dry and go over it with a clear, moisturizing topcoat. MF and CG are a solid, lipstick-like topcoat, and Revlon is a liquid topcoat. They last, seriously, all day. Sometimes I wake up the next morning and have to remove the lipstick I put on the previous morning.

I like neutral browns too, and the Revlon color I use is called Eternally Tan (though it looks more dark brown on me). If my memory serves, the Max Factor color 190 "Indulgent"and the Cover Girl "Spiced Latte" are also that neutral brown shade.
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I like Clinique lipsticks the best. They are matte without being drying and while the color will come off on a coffee cup, it also stays on the lips and wears evenly. The best for your application would be the long last lipsticks or possibly different lipstick.
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Yes yes yes to the Outlast! Just be sure not to use Chapstick or anything else on top but the gloss that comes with it. Fat or grease breaks down the formula. This also applies if you're eating something really, really greasy and sloppy (just sort of greasy is not a problem).

Best part is that, during normal wear, it won't come off on glasses, pets, knitting needles, or partners.
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What on earth are you doing with your knitting needles?

Slightly related: I hated that Outlast stuff when it first came out. I used it exactly according to the instructions and it always felt cakey and thick and awful and then it would start to chip/flake off after a couple hours. Have they changed it since then?
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I went to Sephora and got a matte shade from Nars because that's where I was planning on going but I'll definitely check out some of the stain products the next time I'm in a drugstore.

tel3path: Wow.

Thanks everyone.
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Covergirl Outlast was on sale, today, at CVS: buy one, get the 2nd for half off. THIS SHIT IS AWESOME. I may have to go back and get more colors.
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You don't hold a spare DPN in your mouth while knitting in the round, or a cable needle, or anything? Okay fine, I might gnaw on the bamboo ones gently, but that's part of the reason I moved to nickel plated.

One thing about the Outlast and related stuff: really do not rub your wet lips together. There's no easy correction of the application. Just put it on the way it needs to be and let it dry completely, then apply the top coat.
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I bought the Revlon ColorStay yesterday in #1 Nude and it's seriously awesome. The color is perfect and I love that you don't need the topcoat with it.
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