What stock news sites would Burton Malkiel read?
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Stock commentary for the defensive investor?

Efficient market theory makes a lot of sense to me, and it works well with my investment style. Thus I have the majority of my portfolio in broad index ETFs.

Though my investment style is boring, I still like to read about what's going on with the U.S. and global stock markets and economies, businesses, and so on. However, I find that a lot of commentary is geared towards the more active investor.

For example, I would consider also investing in 1-2 individual company stocks. However, I don't want to find stocks "top down" by using a stock screener, then researching matches, narrowing down selections based on results, poring over reports, etc. I would rather connect with like-minded people who might occasionally have a handful of well-researched, well-thought-out ideas to invest in.

When I read MarketWatch, or CNBC, I get more of a rushed, hidden-agenda, in-your-face, buy-before-its-too-late feeling from their commentators. I want a commentator who is like, "I'm going to buy one stock this year and hold onto it for 2-5 years. That stock is BLERG, and here is why I am going to buy it. Ok, thanks for reading, talk to you next week when we'll discuss why some ETFs that follow the same index outperform others."

I guess my tl;dr summary would be: what investment blogs, sites, or commentators are out there that present or reflect on current financial news in an honest, thoughtful, and effective way?
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Abnormal Returns is a nice daily blog report that has good content. Its also a great way to find financial blogs that you think match your interests, regardless of if they link to them every day.
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Best answer: Check out Aleph Blog.
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Best answer: Jeremy Grantham's quarterly letters are pretty excellent. Here is his most recent in .pdf format. While he is an asset manager, most of the funds he manages require something around a $10 million initial investment, so it's not like he is using his commentaries to hustle the little guy into buying his products. I'm not sure he ever gets as granular as recommending individual stocks, but he is excellent at forecasting asset classes and was one of the few to get the negative to flat return of the S&P right for the past decade. He also writes in a readable, humorous style.
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Best answer: I'm the same type of investor as you and I enjoy reading some of the macro market stuff that gets posted to Barry Ritholtz's blog (http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/). There's a lot of day trader-y stuff that get there but some quality too.
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Give the Bogleheads forum a try.
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