Unfortunately SurveyMonkey is the wrong answer
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A non-profit I volunteer for wants to set up online quizzes, but doesn't have the manpower right now to integrate them into their normal website. Is there a good external solution?

  • Quizzes made up of questions that are randomly selected from a pool of multiple choice questions
  • Scores calculated and correct answers with explanations displayed at the end of the quiz
  • Free or cheap for non-profit use
  • Embeddable or with some sort of tracking to know how and how often different questions are answered
Anything like that out there? I did see this previous question, but that was three years ago, so I thought it was worth asking again.
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I wish I had a 100% solution for you, but the best solution I know of that meets most of your needs is Hot Potatoes.

- You can create a pool of questions and then set it to only display a certain number from the pool each time the quiz is loaded.
- It will calculate scores and you can set it to give correct answers/feedback. (I think the explanations are after each question rather than the end of the quiz, though.)
- It is freeware!
- Quizzes are saved as html files so you can easily upload them to your website, but I am not aware of any tracking ability.

(Beyond the multiple-choice quizzes, you can also create exercises with fill in the blanks and matching. There is also a crossword function, I think.)
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