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Pants-filter: I have these lovely pair of North Face Pants that I use for climbing, hiking, and casual wear. Unfortunately, they're getting worn because I wear them so much, and it doesn't look like they're sold much in stores anymore. So I'm looking for suggestions for other pants I can add to my closet.

As a female I like them a lot because they're not quite as stiff or thick as other pants- they're like a dress pant/ khaki / yoga pant hybrid. They're soft and a bit stretchy and are really comfy to wear almost anywhere. They're classy enough that I can wear them around town but yet can also pretty much wear them exclusively on camping/climbing trips.

I also like them because they're not girly. So men's stuff could work too?

Any suggestions?

Thanks mefites :)
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While not exactly what your looking for and i am a guy so i dont know how their womens pants are have you tried dickies? They have a womens line.
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I like them!

Twill flat front pant
774 Work Pant

Where are they generally sold?
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Prana makes fantastic outdoor pants. I'd recommend the moab pant, male or female. The zion pant, male only I think is pretty close to what you posted above.

Also, gramicci pants are pretty much the outdoor version of sweatpants (very comfortable)- and you don't have to feel bad about yourself wearing them out.
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I can't recommend Nau enough for this kind of stuff. All my ski clothes and a huge chunk of my every day going to work clothes come from there. Extremely well-made, durable, flattering and with an effort to responsibly-source everything. All of it's washable and their return/replace/refund policy is quite generous. It's expensive, but I think it's well-worth it.
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Dickies work pants are a very stiff mostly-polyester polycotton blend, probably not what you're after.
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Title Nine, although expensive by my standards, specializes in women's clothes that stand up to lots of activity and are generally not girly.
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May I also suggest taking a look at

Kuhl's women's pants?

I'm a guy, so can't comment directly on how they might meet all your criteria, but for rugged outdoorsy pants that are also soft and comfortable they're high up on my ranking. Not sure how they rank on the stretchy scale.

I have a pair I'll probably be buried in.
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I see you're already familiar with the women's travel pants section at REI. What about these Royal Robbins ones there?
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+1 on the Prana stuff.

exoficio. light-weight and very nice to move around and be active in. I absolutely their durability.
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You might hit the casual pants section at Sierra Trading Post.
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