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Like Shelfari or LibraryThing, but for movies?

I've used Shelfari to keep track of books I've read. I enjoy the ability to see the covers (which I _do_ judge and remember books by). There's also the ability to rate what I've read, critique it, and tag similar themes, which helps me to remember what the book was even about. I also like knowing at a glance, or a mouse-over away, the books I own.

Is there a site like this for movies? Is the site free?

I also watch many, many foreign and/or independent films, so I'm curious as to whether any sites have an extensive enough collection from which to recognize these.

I am aware, and have used, IMDB for listing the movies I've watched, but I'd really like to find something a little less like a "list of links".

Thank you.
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It's not web based, but I love using Delicious Library for cataloging pretty much everything.
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I don't think you can access it without an account, but it's worth checking, because Netflix works great for me in this respect. Covers, synopsis, rating, recommendations based on ratings, etc.
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People use LibraryThing for other media, including music CDs and DVDs. Sign up for a free account and see what it does with a sample of your collection.
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Criticker is geared more to recommendations, but it does many of these things. You can rate and critique, although I don't think you can tag/organize your own films except by watched/saved for later/unwatched (lots of built-in filters however). It's based in Europe. Thus it's got a TON of foreign/independent films, and links directly to IMDb if you need more details.
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I've been using DVD Aficionado for years now. It's free, and it looks like it has everything you're looking for. It has pretty much every disc in existence in its catalog, and if you find you own something not listed, you can fill out a pretty simple form to get it included (I'm responsible for After Last Season existing on the site, for example).
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I LOVE I Track Mine. I even bought a cheap little cuecat UPC scanner thingy and it organized them all in a matter of minutes and I have over 500 DVDs!
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It looks like you can also use your smartphone as a scanner for I Track Mine, in case you can't find an Cuecat.
Great find @magnoliasouth!
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Thanks @willmize!

Actually the owner emailed me today after seeing my post here. I promise I don't know the man. This was a strict my idea only thing. He just saw it and wanted to thank me for being a fan.

He did have this to say about the smartphone though, which is important:

If anyone asks, the person who posted after you said that it looks like we have a barcode scanner on our mobile interface -- we don't yet. It's in the works, but it's too soon to give an eta.

I just thought I'd share this. Also I made an error. I have only have 400 DVDs, but after that who is really counting? ;) I realized that after I logged in today.

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Thank you for all the options! I didn't think there were that many.

I don't have and cannot get a smartphone and/or cannot scan what DVDs I own because I throw away the cases. I do have a Netflix account (and enjoy it dearly) but would prefer a separate system. And while Delicious Library seems like it would work, I prefer it to be web-based.

I'm thinking Listal or DVD Aficionado are my best choices.

Thanks again!
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I've since saved 137 movies to my new Listal account and I really like the site. They certainly have movies I've had some difficult time even finding the original foreign names of before now. -Awesome-.
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