My eyes, my eyes -- the sunglasses do nothing!
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I'm looking for a discount online glasses shop like Zenni Optical that sells prescription sunglasses with really dark tint. I bought a couple of pairs from Zenni with 80% tint (the darkest option), and they're not quite cutting it on particularly sunny days. Zenni has said they can't go any darker, so I'm looking for other options. So if you're happy with some very dark (or even mirrored) prescription sunglasses that you've ordered online, tell me where you got 'em!
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Best answer: I have a pair from Googles4U with 100% grey tint that are unusably dark unless it is very bright.
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I get great results from my polarized lenses that are lightly tinted. They completely eliminate glare.
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I'd also hit up the forums over at The Glassy Eyes blog. Good advice AND coupons to save you some scratch when you order.
I'm a big fan of $39 Dollar Glasses.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies, everyone. I didn't realize Goggles4u did 100% tinting -- they just list it as "dark" under the options, but their customer service verified that it's indeed 100% so I'll give them a try.
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