How do I post a photo album to a Facebook business page?
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My Facebook account was apparently compromised. I have regained control of it, but a weird thing is happening and I need help figuring out how to fix it.

I hardly ever use Facebook, a couple of posts a year. My own account has virtually zero activity. Recently I have been helping some friends by posting things to a business page they created for their company. How to's, recipes and whatnot. Here is the business page. So about 4 days ago I think I got a Facebook pop-up window that said my account had been logged into from some town in Washington. That is about 1,500 miles from where I live. Nobody else has my password and it was very strong. 10 characters long using letters, numbers and symbols. So I changed my password.

First question: How could someone have gotten my Facebook password? Was the notification that some else logged in from Washington the hack?

I have to think the notification and the issue are related, since I was able to post albums successfully up until I received the notice. Here is the weird part. If I go to the business page and then post links, events or video the post appears on the business page. I can even post individual photos successfully. However when I try and post a new photo album it gets displayed on my personal page instead of the business page. I have tried many times and keep getting the same result. Note: I am still listed as a page administrator.

Second question: How the heck to I get the photo albums to post to the business page correctly?
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It's hard to say how someone else got your password. If you use the same password on other sites, perhaps you should look outside of Facebook for leakage.

If your Facebook password is unique, I would suspect that the "notification" was in fact fraudulent. In other words, a phishing attempt like the emails you get from "PayPal" telling you to change your password immediately by clicking a link that goes to a fake web site that looks like PayPal but isn't. Did the notification on Facebook include a link to change your password? If it did, and you used it, you may have inadvertently given someone your new password.

Try changing it again, but make sure you use the official Facebook account settings. Don't follow any other path to get there.

I don't think I can help you with your other questions, sorry.
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The password was unique. I don't remember if the pop-up linked to the change your password. After it happened, Facebook started asking me to name my computers every time I logged in from one of them. I turned that feature off this morning.
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I've been traveling a lot, both within the US and internationally, and while the FireFound extension i use tracks me down all the time, FB hardly ever notices. Maybe twice in my 8 most recent flights?

That said, I've had that same weird popup when i know my computer has been in my possessios and my password hasn't been compromised. Maybe it was a glitch?

Have you tried restarting, resetting passwords, clearing cache, and you know, the rest of the little para-religious rituals that usually fix this, short of burning incense and sacrificing small mammals?
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*posessios = possession.

also, FWIW, a link for firefound
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"I turned that feature off this morning."
If you are worried about unknown persons accessing your Facebook account, why would you turn off a feature designed to protect against (well okay: alert you to) that exact problem?

Have you seen this thread for a maybe similar discussion of posting to personal FB vs. a FB page?
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I turned it off because it asked me to name the same computer over and over. It was annoying. I read that thread, but my issue seems a bit different. He could not post anything to the business page. I can post everything except photo albums.
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I think I'd have to use this handy guide to screwing your life on Facebook.
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I don't have any personal information posted on my personal Facebook page. No picture, not even my gender.
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This sorts more like spam/phishing to me. I didn't see anything about at the Facebook Help Center, but you might contact them directly. If you clicked the link in the notification, you may have just fed your whole account to someone else.
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I've never heard of Facebook giving users a pop-up like that. It sounds to me like the pop-up was fraudulent. If you clicked on it to change your password, you probably got phished.

Go to Facebook directly and change your password, log entirely out of Facebook, change that password anywhere else you use it, clear your entire browser cache including cookies, run a scan to make sure you didn't catch anything from it. Then try posting to that photo album again.
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You said Facebook asked you to "name your computer." What exactly do you mean by that? I use Facebook every day and I've never heard of that, or had a strange pop-up about someone not in my geographical area accessing my account - even when I logged in from Poland.
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The Light Fantastic, it's under Account | Account Settings | Account Security. Weirdly, for me, this lists two accesses from September, but those may simply be the most recent times I had to enter my password.
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What dhartung said.
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