Help me get fat for free.
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I need help finding websites for restaurants that offer the "finish this gigantic meal in an hour and it's free" type of special. I'm looking for restaurants anywhere in the world, if they even exist outside of the US.
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In Texas the most famous one is the Big Texan in Amarillo.
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Beau Jo's Pizza in Idaho Springs and Denver, CO.

"Earn a spot in Colorado Mountain Legend by attempting "The Challenge", a 12 - 14 pound Sicilian monster for two hearty eaters. Few have met the Challenge and won, but those who do, receive one hundred dollars and free T-shirts."
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Here's a small list. I'm sure there are plenty more hiding in every nook and cranny of the country. Post pictures of your adventures.
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This is my favorite AskMe question since the one about the Godzilla costume.
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I'm really curious about why you're asking. Are you just really good at eating?!
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I can tell you this: that concept has not reached asia. it just wouldn't work because gluttony is so frowned upon here.

i wish it did, though. i'm too skinny. good news is they do have a few all-you-can-eat ice cream parlors here. when it comes to asians and ice cream, that previous rule i spoke of, just goes right out the window.
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Muddy River Smokehouse in Portsmouth, New Hampshire has The Squealer:


They have photos on the wall of those who've attempted it. Small women have the highest success rate.
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If you can eat more than 18 hotdogs in a sitting, go for Spike's Junkyard Dogs in Providence, RI. If you eat more than 6, you get a t-shirt. More than the winner (according to this site, it's up to 17 now), and they'll clear your tab. These are real hotdogs though, so you'd better be hungry!
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Sorry, Tim, I know of a few in Japan, including the Coco Ichiban curry challenge, which is only 1 kg of curry rice in an hour. Eat it all and it's free. Never done it myself, that's more than I want to eat.
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timyang: isn't it the case that many Asians are lactose-intolerant? Seems funny that the only all-you-can-eat establishments are of the dairy kind. I believe you, of course - I just think it's weird.

(In high school, I participated in -- and failed miserably at -- a "drink a gallon of milk in an hour" contest. Though I didn't finish the milk, I at least kept it down; my competitor, who was and surely still is Japanese, could not. We got it all on video.)
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Sorry - I should try to post useful responses.
This book, as well as the other recommendations on its page, would probably be of some use to you.
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Why am I suddenly reminded of a John Candy movie?
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21 scoops of ice cream, plus toppings -- free if eaten within the hour, else it's $19.95. (There's also a "Baby Dare to Be Great" which is something like ONLY 14 scoops of ice cream.) People do try to finish the sundae. The Parlour will engrave a small name-plaque for all those who attempt but can't finish it (the wall of losers!) The, um, lucky winners get their name & hometown engraved on a much, much larger wall plaque . . .
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Eagle's Deli near Boston College has a Godzilla Burger that is a pound of beef and a pound of fries. If you finish it you get your photo put on the wall of fame, but I'm not sure if it's free.

Here's an article about the Eagle's Deli and the burger
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Here's a travel channel article called World's Best Places to Pig Out. It includes the Eagle's Deli from my previous post (Go Eagles!)
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The delightful local Xtreme cafe (only place in the county with a wood burning pizza oven) has a 24" pizza challenge. Eat the whole thing to yourself, and you pay nothing and get a t-shirt. Haven't tried it myself yet, I know how you can mess up your digestive tract by putting too much in it (it's really not worth it).
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I remember seeing a place featured on Food TV that has a deal about eating a giant beef steak about the size of your head that is more like a roast than a steak. I'm suprised it hasn't shown up here in this thread.

Is there one for Cheetos? If so, I'm there!
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When I lived in Oxford (UK) there used to be a Fatty Arbuckle's that offered a 'challenge' (not sure what it was, only ate there once and didn't try the challenge) - I'm sure that involved prizes and a free meal. When I was last in Oxford, though, it wasn't there. Praps gluttony is out of fashion there.
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There used to be an ice cream store in North Haven, CT called Wimbledon's and they had a huge ice cream thing that if you ate it in under 45 minutes, they renamed it after you and added one more scoop for the next person to attempt. Last time I was there it was called the "Steve" and it was about 18 or 19 scoops.
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This is great, thanks everyone! Keep 'em coming.
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Danny's Beerbarrel Pub in PA has a 9lb burger. Here's some links!

A blog about the girl who actually finished it.

Of course the link to the pub's page about the burger seems to be down. Maybe the challenge is over.

There is a similar burger in Vegas.
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My mistake. It's Denny's Beer Barrel Pub.
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Damnit: the one I could think of (only because I was there last Friday night) and schoolgirl report beats me to it.
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planetkyoto: Sorry, Tim, I know of a few in Japan, including the Coco Ichiban curry challenge, which is only 1 kg of curry rice in an hour. Eat it all and it's free. Never done it myself, that's more than I want to eat.

You don't have to go all the way to Japan, either. Coco Ichibanya has several locations in Hawaii, around Honolulu, and they do the challenge (the walls have dozens of Polaroid photos of past "winners")... so you could take a Hawaiian vacation and - depending on your intestinal fortitude - save big on food expenses!
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State Street Brats in Madison, Wisconsin, has the Big-Ass Burger Challenge. Finish a two-pound burger, fries and 24 oz. drink in thirty minutes or less and get your money back (and a free t-shirt!).
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I've done the 1 pound burger / cheese / 1 pound fries (Godzilla burger) thing at Eagles, and it's not free. It's more like $8. However, you get a pin that says "I pigged out at Eagles" and you get a polaroid taken that you're allowed to affix to the wall anywhere you can find space. You also get to write the message of your choice at the bottom of the polaroid.

They do have another challenge there, something like 4 pounds of beef and 4 pounds of fries. That's the beginning of the free-meal class. You can also go upwards from there, and if you eat more patties and fries than anyone ever has, they name a new class after you (I think it currently goes up to like 5 or 6 pounds).
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These places sure offer lots of free T-shirts. Wonder what size they may be...
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