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Any good duo Halloween costume ideas for a 9-month-old girl and her mama? And maybe something for her dad as well.

I've considered a Pirate and a Parrot: but the baby parrot costumes don't especially resemble a parrot.
Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf: I kind of liked this because I could make my wolf costume out of a brown hoodie, but LRRH is a little boring for her.

And that's all I've come up with because I have an 8 month old baby who is trying to learn to walk, and I am very tired. (But super excited about Halloween!)

The only restrictions are no masks (for either of us), very little makeup for her, and her dad hates rabbits, so best to avoid anything involving them.
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A bee and a beekeeper?
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The Incredibles. My friends did it for D*C and it was amazing and fun.
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I'm planning on dressing my 10 week old up as Tom Servo and myself as Joel for some MST3K nerdity.
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Monkey and organ grinder?
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Pooh and hunny pot.
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Kanga + Roo a la Winnie the Pooh.

Or any kind of marsupial creature.
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If you dress up Dad too, I thought the Three Billy Goats Gruff was pretty cute to see a few years ago.
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There's always a failsafe of dressing up as each other.
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Fred and Wilma Flintstone and Pebbles (or BamBam). Just make up one-shouldered raggedy-hemmed tunics. (I've used old brown terry-cloth towels, or cheap animal print fabric.) Or just be regular cave people and add smudges of dirt on your faces and messed up hair.
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Monster and baby monster. The weirder you can make yours, the cuter hers will be.
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Chef and a lobster in a pot?
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Citrus: my ex-husband did that with our baby for his first Halloween. It was tres cute. The lobster effect was ESPECIALLY enhanced when the baby was screaming (and therefore red ALL OVER).
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My brother took my 11 month old niece as Yoda (just the ears, not much, if any makeup). While his Admiral Ackbar costume was probably more than you're looking to do, perhaps you could use the brown hoodie as a Jedi cloak.
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I like this spider and web idea from Martha Stewart:
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Go as Sorsha and Madmartigan from the movie Willow, with the little baby Elora Dannon.
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Little Bo Peep and her lamb. Daddy could be The Big Bad Wolf.

The Three Bears. If you want you could have Dad carry a teddy bear and make your little girl Goldilocks.

Mother Earth and the Moon? Daddy could be Mars or Jupiter.

You're a flower and she's a little bee or a lady bug, Daddy could be a weed.

You're a tree, she's a monkey.

You and Dad can be Fire Fighters and daughter can be a Dalmatian puppy.

(I only did the links for pictures, I'm sure you could make these yourself.)
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Pinky and The Brain. She's small, so she gets to be The Brain.
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Is this just for photos or are you going somewhere?
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I was the world's most adorable flower when I was four (my mom made a costume) and my baby brother was a bee. Babies make good bees because they're chubby, and chubby bees are cute.

But flowers are also good. Your wife could be a gardener (overalls, hat, bandana, trowel).
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Calvin & Hobbes!
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When my daughter was about 2 months, I dressed her up as a little pig, and myself as a wolf. And by dressed up as a pig, I mean I turned her pink onesie inside out, buttoned it on top of her pants, and safety pinned a curly tail that I cut out of pink construction paper. I think I wore some wolf ears and wore a furry looking coat.

When she was about 10 months, for another costume occasion, my husband dressed up as Dr. Horrible, I went as Captain Hammer, and we dressed our daughter up as Wonderflonium (just wrote that along with "Do Not Bounce" on the back of a white shirt for her). I'm a big fan of babies dressed up as inanimate objects. I was thinking of doing something like Miss Scarlett, with the baby dressed as The Candlestick, but by the time I thought up that idea, little thing was big enough to want to be Mrs. White instead.
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Olive Oyl and Sweepea, possibly with Popeye.
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Crayon and box of crayons.
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When I was quite wee, my mother dressed up as the Tin Man and I was her heart, compliments of a squishy pillow-esque onsie. I have no memories of this particular Halloween, but I'm fairly certain everybody just about died of the cuteness that night.
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Black cat and witch. Bonus: Witch costumes are very very easy to put together (buy a cheap-ass witch hat at CVS and wear a lot of black).
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Somewhat dated now, but you can be a crocodile hunter with a little chubby crocodile.
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Pinocchio, with Blue Fairy and Gepetto?
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Spider and web!
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When I was little, one year my dad and I dressed up Keebler-style.

Me as an elf: green leggings and jumper, pointy hat.
My dad as a cookie: large round cardboard cutouts on each side of his body, crumpled white tissue paper on the sides to look like filling.
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Still only pregnant, but next year I plan on being alice in wonderland and dressing my baby as the cheshire cat
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My 4 year old is going to be Pippi Lomgstocking and her 1year old brother will be Mr. Nilsson, her monkey. Family Fun has great instructions for making Pippi's wig out of red yarn in this month's issue.
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Master and Blaster from Beyond Thunderdome. (Babay version)

You could be Tina Turner.

And in looking for image links, I found someone had already suggested it in this askme thread. Dammit.
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Last year, my sister dressed herself and her baby in the easy-to-find skeleton costumes. Kinda boring, right? But wait! Her husband wore a shower curtain on a hoop!

Karate Kid! Basically, she and their daughter were the bullies that beat Daniel up the night of the Halloween party. If you don't have the wherewithal to dress dad as a shower, using an old gi will probably get the point across.
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