Should I take this course?
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Should I take this course? More detail inside.

I want to learn .NET Fundamentals, as I will be travelling from NY back to my delhi office and all work is in .NET
There is a .NET Fundamentals course at NYU SCPS, which seems fairly good but is expensive. I can pay the money, but I am reluctant to put down the money for it, and rather thinking if I should just learn from free tuorials online. My employer will not pay for this.Any inputs please.
Will it be more beneficial for me to take a course, which will put me in a better position and more confident to handle work when in Delhi, or should I simply learn from online?
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Where are you in your career at the moment, and where are you looking to go?
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I have been working as a Consutant with a small team in NY with my firm for past few years (since 2005) supporting a client which involved support, some development mostly back end programming in shell scripts and perl. I extended my work with this client just to be in NYC, which really did not help me progress much in my company. I basically want a role where I can manage a team. My visa will get over in Dec 25th and I have to move back to Delhi.
My firm has moved from Consultancy to developing products for their clients now basically hedge funds, and the work is in .NET. Most of the future work in my company will be to help clients (mostly US/UK) integrate these products with their business. So when I will travel back to Delhi, i will be working with the product team off-shore and will learn most of the things on job, but I am not at all confident in .NET. So thats why I wondering if I should take up a course which will help me get up to speed.
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Spend the money on books instead. Also, I expect that you can get very good .NET education in Delhi, probably even offered by Microsoft directly.
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Only you know your personal learning style. Some people need the structure that a class provides some people can learn from books. Personally, I think you have three hurdles to clear. One, you need to learn a .Net language (most likely C# but there are other choices that you could avail yourself of). Two, you need to learn the .Net Core Class Library (which is gigantic and is where a lot of the power of the platform comes from). Three, you need to learn the semantics of whatever add on frameworks your company is using to build apps (whether that is ASP.Net or the Communications framework or SharePoint or whatever).
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The online courses at Ed2Go are pretty good (I took a couple of them 3-4 years ago). They're around US$100.
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