Decorating help in Chicago?
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Decorating help in Chicago?

Do you have any recommendations for decorators/interior designers in Chicago?

Bonus for:

+Young-ish and cool-ish tastes (because that's the way we roll);

+Some sort of sane hourly compensation rates, not a commission on every last pillow.

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What type of style/feel are you into? Do you want a mood board, consultation, total redesign with purchasing help? What's your budget?

Study LLC I know these dudes, really cool, reasonable prices

My New/Fledgling Design Company/blog/idea <>
I can provide you with others I know of when you give me some more details. Good luck!
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I make incredible window treatments, bedding, pillows, etc. and can think out of the box. I can also provide you with some great decorating ideas. I'm good with color and bargain hunting furniture and accessories.

I'll be happy to consult and quote. You don't waste my time, I won't waste your money.
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William Schumacher Interiors (an old high-school pal).
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A friend of mine had Pariscope Design help her with her south loop condo and was thrilled with the results. They are located in the 'burbs, but obviously will travel.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. I ended up giving Design Inside a call, as they seem to have the "young-ish and not over-decorated" vibe we are going for. Will try to report back with results.
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