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Los Angeles filter: Good, cheap Mexican food near LAX?

I have about 2.5 hours to kill before I need to return my rental car and get my red eye to the east coast. I'd like to have some tacos before I leave. I'm not at all familiar with LA, I just drove in from Santa Barbara an hour ago. Any recommendations? Will drive up to 15 minutes away (I'm maybe 5 min from the airport right now) Closer to street food style, or actual street food would be best for me. This will be my last chance to get decent Mexican food for a few months at least, so I'd like to make it count. Thanks!
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I would try Tito's tacos in Culver City.
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There is apparently a taco truck nearby, if you're looking for streetfood. Tito's is a different sort of taco: hard shells with beef and shredded orange cheese.
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OK, if Theresa's Mosaic Cafe on Sepulveda is owned by the same saints who operate the restaurant in Tucson, AZ, then that's the place. They'll have killer margaritas and just about the best Sonoran Mexican food available in LA.

Gmaps link

Just take Sepulveda south past the 105. It should be on the left.
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I would try Tito's tacos in Culver City.

Except the OP is looking for street food style. Tito's are more, um, Taco Bell style.

LAX Tacos gets middling to good reviews, and there are some alternate suggestions in the comments to this blog post.
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Okay, going to check out Theresa's Mosaic cafe, thanks for the suggestions everyone.
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Tacomiendo would also be a fine choice, if you're still looking.
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