Is there an easy way to share an iTunes playlist online? (or, help me make some of the people happy some of the time, please.)
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Is there an easy way to share an iTunes playlist online?

I've been tapped to create the playlist(s) for the wedding reception for some friends (I know, I know.) I'd like to be able to share what I have with them ahead of time, to solicit feedback, get buy-in, etc. A textual list won't do; there's a bunch of stuff that might be less familiar to them, and it's (semi-) important to be able to hear the transitions between songs. Is there some easy way to share online?

I know this is the kind of thing that gets the music industry all cranky, so I wouldn't be terribly surprised if the answer is no, but even a less-than-easy method would be okay, I suppose.

There was once a gloriously simple and elegant site called muxtape, but it's sadly dead. I know about, but that (I believe) doesn't preserve your track order, nor does it display what's in the playlist until the track has been played. (Though that's not a huge deal, as I could just send a list along with the 8tracks list.) I could be wrong, and if so, that might indeed be the answer. But I'm very curious to hear what AskMe has to say...
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You may find this thread in MetaChat useful.
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Thanks, Madamina....There are some helpful comments in there, but it doesn't quite seem like the question was ever adequately answered.

(And FWIW, I'm hoping that the presence of (pretty much) an identical question on MetaChat doesn't mean it's inappropriate for the green....)
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Pardon me for whining here, but I knowwwwwww!

I'll be keeping a watch on this one :)
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I'm on a computer with no Flash support right now, so I can't give you specific directions, but check out Grooveshark. I know it supports playlists, so it may do what you need.
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Check out MixPod.
You can search for songs or, if you have a server, you can host your files then link them to the playlist widget that your friends can stream from a number of places, like Facebook, Blogger, etc. or or even access on an iPhone.
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