And the kid drank the glass full of putrid liquid! For science!
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What was this TV show?

Back in the (early?) 1980s I remember watching a television show on PBS. WETA (Washington DC) was the affiliate. It was a British show with a male presenter, and the topics of the show revolved around science, logic and perception and things of that ilk. He did a lot of writing on overhead transparencies and there was a live audience.

One show that I remember in particular had a volunteer from the audience blindfolded, and the presenter held up a glass of some vile looking liquid and asked them to nod yes or shake their heads no if they would drink what was in it -- consensus was a resounding NO. Then he handed the glass to the volunteer and asked him to drink it and describe how it tasted and the volunteer said "fresh orange juice." (apparently there was a bunch of green dye in it to make it look horrible.)

It could have been originally broadcast in Britain in the 1970s -- the fashions all seemed comically out of date.
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Tomorrow's World?
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Shows that somewhat fit the bill but that I haven't seen nearly enough of to say that this ever happened:

-That show with James Randi where he brought on psychics and stuff and completely humiliated them? (I don't know what it's called.)

-The Amazing Kreskin
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Was it something with James Burke?
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Don't Ask Me?
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I would guess one of the Royal Institution's Christmas Lectures or possibly an Open University programme. The OU shows were the definitive combination of science and comically out-of-date fashion on British TV.
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Something with Johnny Ball like Think Of A Number?
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Presentationally, it sounds very like Edward de Bono's Course in Thinking, though I don't remember that particular content.
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Sounds like "Don't Ask Me" - was the presenter Magnus Pyke?
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genesta, that's it! Many thanks!!

As for the other answers, the only thing I can say is I have renewed jealousy of people who get the BBC! So many science/logic programs.
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