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in san francisco visiting newly transplanted friends. to which restaurant should we go to celebrate my birthday?

open to any kind of cuisine. we're a half-dozen professional women (single and coupled) in our early to late 30s who previously met for dinners and drinks a couple of times a week and appreciate good food and good restaurants.
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Spruce! So delicious. But it's pricey.
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Could you narrow this down by price range and neighborhood?

Some of the better places I've been to recently :
Bix Financial district, American, ~60$ a person. Good bar.
Brazen Head Marina, Steakhouse, 40-60 a person.
Wayfare Tavern Financial District, American (Tyler Florence's SF place), 60$+ a person. Pretty new.
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Response by poster: neighborhood doesn't matter.

entrees around ≤$30
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town hall you'll need a reservation there
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nopa. Excellent food; excellent cocktails; excellent wine list. Excellent service.
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My favorite new place is LoLo on 22nd Street. Turkish-Mexican, supposedly but everything we had there was a revelation and completely delicious.
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Best answer: nopa is an excellent choice but you'll want a reservation at least a week in advance, and probably more.

Perbacco in the financial district is excellent, esp. if you're into charcuterie.
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I'd second Nopa and Perbacco both. Have done each with a group and it works well. Perbacco will be slightly easier than Nopa to get into. If they are newly transplanted and into food - a trip to Zuni would also be excellent. It is a shrine to the beginning of San Francisco foodie culture - and still damn good. Town Hall also does groups well.
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Some of the places I've eaten and loved: Dosa, Water+Flour, Foreign Cinema, Zuni, Town Hall, Charanga.
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Oops, Flour+Water.
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You are absolutely going to need a reservation for Flour+Water, especially for a group. Even Steve Jobs couldn't get a table (as a walk-in). It's a teeny place. I hear it's delicious. But I haven't been able to get in either (walking in as a duo, 5:30 pm on a Wednesday or something, and we were told it would be a two-hour wait! We went elsewhere.)
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Best answer: Beretta! awesome fancy drinks, great food, cool atmosphere inside.
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rtha is absolutely correct, you will need reservations for Flour+Water, especialy a group. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. I think it took at least two weeks for my group of five to get a table, and my cousin's boyfriend is a chef there (I don't think that actually helped at all, see above story re: Steve Jobs). But I still think about the delicious array of items I tried that night.

Happy Birthday!
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Response by poster: thanks everyone! beretta last night—delish! and perbacco tonight for my birthday. one of ladies actually loves both so she was very excited.
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