Where can I buy Haitian black mushrooms?
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Where can I buy Haitian black mushrooms (djon djon) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada or online?

I'm trying to source some djon djon for my parents who were first introduced to it in the bouillon form sold by Maggi. Mushrooms are preferable, however, I'd take the Maggi version as well.

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Wow, the Google can't even tell me the species that is "djon djon"... at least, in my casual search. Psatherylla are indicated, but that's a genus (with blackish spores, so that makes sense).

Sorry, I'm useless. Assuming you've already searched for Haitian markets in Ottawa.
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Response by poster: Yes, I have. It's been very difficult to try to find this stuff. If anyone else has any other leads, that'd be awesome.
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You could try calling Grace Ottawa on Bank street or Geeland supermarket (one on St Laurent or one on St Joseph Blvd in Orleans) to see if they have any leads for you.
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OK, this will likely not be very satisfying to you, but here goes.

The Psatheryllae I've sampled (one? two species?) were fairly ordinary in their flavor. Mushroomy, in other words.

If this is a good approximation of the djon djon powder, consider buying a portobella (Agaricus bitorquis), and dry it (forced-air dryer, or else in a lowest-setting oven. The gills will darken, if they aren't near-black already. Grinding the powder-dry caps will render a dark-gray powder. If it's not gray enough, buy some more, and only grind the gills after drying.

This sort of mushroom powder stores a long time, has a strong flavor, and I use them as a wonderful soup additive. This is often how I use the stems of mushrooms, since they tend to be woodier, but just as tasty as the rest of the 'shroom.
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Response by poster: Grace Ottawa said they get asked all the time for this stuff but they have no idea where to get it. I'll try Geeland. Thanks.

Thanks for the suggestion IAmBroom, however, I'd score big points with my folks if I were to find this stuff. I mean, they've got to make it and sell it somewhere.
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