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Research Methods/Statistics Discussion Board?

Anyone aware of a discussion board/forum/listserv where one can post questions about research methods and/or statistics? Ideally looking for something geared toward social science research. Also, to the extent possible, this would be designed for people actively involved in research, not college kids looking for help with homework. Thanks.
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There is the mailing list for the Society for Political Methodology. It's partly associated with Washington University's applied stats group, so I suspect that it's somewhat cross-disciplinary.
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The Social Science Statistic Blog might of use to you.
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You probably want Statistical Analysis Stack Exchange.
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MethodSpace, hosted by Sage.
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escabeche hits the nail on the head.

Also... have you considered Twitter? I know most people think it's garbage, but I've managed to link into a pretty vibrant data nerd community there (with a solid handful of social scientists, too). If you're interested, send me a message and I can give you some names to get you started.
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For Structural Equation Modeling and related topics, I like SEMNET.
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The Academy of Management (the main professional society for management professors) has a list-serve for management faculty who want to discuss methods issues. It is called RMNet.
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