How can I keep my car's rear window clear without wipers or a water nozzle?
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How can I keep my Mazda3's rear window clear, when it doesn't have windshield wipers or a water nozzle?

My Mazda3 is a nice car, but it doesn't have windshield wipers for the rear window, nor a water-spray nozzle.

This gets annoying during the dry seasons, when dust mixes with the water that condences on the car during the night. By morning the rear window is semi-opaque with dry dust, or with big fat dirty droplets.

So far, I've just been wiping it down every day. But I'd rather find a solution that either drew off the water (and prevented it from staying on the rear window) or lets me clean the window without having to get out of the car.
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Best answer: Rain-X makes the water bead and roll off your windows. I had pretty good luck with it on a car with severely underpowered wipers. Should be available pretty much everywhere.
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I have a Mazda3 too, and I use my rear defroster to clear the morning's condensation from my rear windshield. No solution for the dust, however, other than wiping it down like you're already doing.
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A quick sluice with a watering can is faster and easier than a wipe down.
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RainX is pretty awesome, however I just have a cheap bath towel dedicated to this purpose.

turning on the rear defroster will help evaporate the condensation enough to see what is behind you.
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