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Tell me about your prison experience in the developing world.

Have you ever spent time in a prison in the developing world? I'm talking about more than just overnight.

I've read a few books about individual experiences in prisons overseas and have visited some prisoners in the developing world. You don't have to be a Westerner or a foreigner to the country where you were imprisoned, I'm just interested in your experience - what it was like, what was the worst thing, was there anything you would characterize as remotely positive, what has stuck with you about the experience, did you learn anything useful. Basically, anything you want to tell me about I want to hear.

Yes, I've seen Midnight express.

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You might enjoy the Bangkwang Times - a magazine hand-written by a British prisoner serving a 30-year sentence in a Thai jail for drug offences.

The chap behind it has been transferred to a UK prison now - you can read more about his case here.
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Scratch that last comment. I'm getting two different prisoners confused. But they're still interesting cases.
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You might find people more forthcoming if you give them an email address they can send their responses to.
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Have you read Shantaram?
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Response by poster: Good idea, Solomon.

Feel free to memail me or write me at

I've read Shantaram, thanks.
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The Damage Done by Warren Fellows is also an interesting read.
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There is a show on the National Geographic Channel (though I suspect it is produced in the UK) called Locked Up Abroad that is all about this.
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Thai blogger Gor is serving time in prison for drug offences. With the help of friends on the outside, he writes about his experiences at Thai Prison Life.
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Also check out Marching Powder if you haven't already.
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Check out the miniseries 'Bangkok Hilton'.
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Brother One Cell
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