To Fridge My Cell Phone Battery Or Not?
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I have a pre-paid cell phone that I let my family/friends use when they come to visit me in Japan. I don't plan on using it for almost a year. What should I do with the battery?

I figured I would just take it out and stick in in a plastic bag and put it with the phone in one of my desk drawers. This site recommends putting it in the fridge, but I really don't want to do that? What do you think?

The phone is a Softbank 740sc

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Personally, I'd do exactly what you suggest.

If I was feeling overly enthusiastic, then I'd probably run the battery down till it's flat before sticking it into the bag.
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Sorry, should have added that sticking it in the fridge seems to be overkill and may probably end up doing more harm than good considering the moisture in there.
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The table on this page suggests that you'll get the best result from storing at about 40% charge at 0C. A refrigerator should be around 4C, so that's close enough. Many Li-ion batteries can be stored well below freezing, but unless you have the data to suggest that yours is one of those, I wouldn't risk it.

If you want to avoid condensation, wrap the battery in a couple of folds of kitchen paper (or toilet paper), then seal it in an airtight bag, squeezing out any excess air when you seal it. If there's very little air in the bag, you won't get much condensation, and what little there is will be absorbed the kitchen paper.

Allowing the battery to return to room temperature before charging would be sensible, as they tend to heat up when charging, and you probably want to avoid rapid expansion.
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Battery university has a chart (Figure 1) tl;dr = Store it with a 40% charge in your desk.

After a year at room temperature (25 degrees C) it'll be the same as in a fridge (near 0 C). There is a large drop off if stored warmer than room temperature or with more than a 40% charge.
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Thanks for the link ecco, I'll drain the battery down a bit and just stick it in my drawer.
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