Cute Japanese flash game.
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I'm trying to find a little Japanese flash game I found in either 08 or 09. It was a cute, quirky thing where you were a little sumo and you had to smash small things to build up your strength - eventually going to to smash very large things like temples and bits of mountain.

It was constructed of fairly simple polygons, had some distance perspective and basic gravity. By smashing things you sometimes uncovered rice cakes which gave you more strength. There were some monsters (skeletons and ogres) which you had to attack in a specific way. There were four stages or parts to the game - the first was on an island, then mainland, then inland, and finally Mount Fuji. As I recall, the instructions and buttons were in Japanese but it was really easy to figure out what to do.

Googling brings up so much cruft that I've been at it all afternoon and haven't had any luck. Anyone else remember this?
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Best answer: FFFffffound it!

Kinpira. You originally found in Mefi, it looks like.
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Oh man, I know what you're talking about! It killed my laptop. You had to pick things up and throw them at other things etc etc right?

I think suedehead got it!
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Response by poster: That's it! Good lord, that was quick. I should have realised that I'd seen on it MeFi, dammit. Thanks so much, suedehead. :)
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