Peculiarly Brown-Looking Stew Meat: Safe for My Slow-Cooker?
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Food Safety Filter (sorry): Is this stew meat safe to eat? We just bought it today. Sell by date is October 6. Meat is deeply brown-red, with areas that are brown enough to look cooked already.

Picture can be found here:

We are weirded out, but maybe this is a common thing? If it matters, it will be cooked at a low temperature for 10-12 hours in a crockpot if used.
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Response by poster: Data point: it doesn't smell bad.
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Yeah, it's fine. (I mean, I think it is, right? I see this all the time and it's never stopped me from eating it/caused me to die.) I think it's got something to do with exposure to air/oxygenated blood/blood loss. Totally fine. If you take one of the red pieces, rinse it in water, and squeeze the juice out with a paper towel, it'll look like this.

Actually, if you're going to be putting it in a stew, the results will be better if you soak the meat in cold water for several minutes then dry thoroughly. The meat takes on the flavors of the stuff it's cooking with and becomes super-tender (rather than boiling from the inside).

But anyway, I vote for EAT THAT MEAT!
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The browning is from oxidation. It looks gross but it doesn't affect the quality of the meat any. I have purchased many a package that looks like this and the stew turns out fine.
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That's fine. It's the natural result of beef being exposed to oxygen. Enjoy your stew.
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Yeah, it's oxidation. Go ahead and cook it. Then eat it. Season it well and you'll have a fine meal.
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smell is my big test. Smells OK, lets cook!
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Response by poster: Thank you for your expedient help, everyone! Good to know for the future. I've prepared the beef, and now stew is patiently waiting in the fridge for its date with crockpot destiny tomorrow!
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