What is this random building?
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Can you help me identify this building that is possibly in the New York City area or maybe in Chicago based on a few pictures of its interior? A wedding was held here and I have no idea where it could be. Photos here, here, here and here. Pictures of a teal-ish wall here and here.
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How sure are you that it's in one of those cities? What is the source of the pictures? (A wedding magazine? People you know?) The brick wall in the background isn't a nearby building, it's an adjoining, unfinished room. From what I can glean we can't actually see the outdoors at all.

For what it's worth, I'm not feeling Chicago. I've been in a few older buildings in the city, and I have never seen load-bearing columns like that (I assume that they're load-bearing rather than decorative because renovations have been done to the room and they probably would have taken the columns out if they weren't necessary). Though perhaps I just haven't been in the right places.

But yeah, what's making you lean towards those two cities?
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Response by poster: I also know that the cake is from Nine Cakes in Brooklyn, a fact I just forgot, so the wedding is almost definitely in the NYC metro area.
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I'm just going to throw this out there as I once worked in the Puck Building in NYC, and it's pretty close to the architecture and time period. It has the pillars and the white event chairs and a big ballroom etc...
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Is there a reason you want to ask but can't ask the bride/groom/guests?

Also, the cake does look like it's from that shop, but they don't really copyright them, you know?

The sheer amount of sky makes me think it's not NYC proper.

Maybe somewhere on Long Island? That floor isn't something I've seen in NYC but seen in many homes/buildings on the North Fork.
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The Puck Building is not a bad guess, but if you search on Google Images, you'll see that it's not the Puck.

A little more background info from the OP, answering the questions asked above would be very helpful.
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I'll venture that it's a purpose-built space - that is, it was something else before and they have built it out to what it looks like now.

That said, there's slim-to-nothing to indicate any special geographic location to the space - all the building elements are standard across the country. The pattern on the floor in the first four pictures is notable, though, as that was a pretty 90's thing to do (which makes Puck Building a not-bad guess as they did a reno in the early 90's (I think) ... the sprinklers, though, and the rough character of the flooring make me assume the building was originally built for industrial use, which the Puck Building was not.

Need more clues.
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This is driving me nuts, because I know I've seen this venue in photos at some point when I was planning my wedding. Maybe try poking through some of the venues listed in NY Mag's NYC wedding venue list here. I tried a few that I thought might be the right one, but couldn't figure it out.
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I am almost certain it's the metropolitan building in Long Island City. Their website doesn't have a lot of photos of the place. Here are some photos from flickr: photo other photo, here are some photos from a wedding I worked at there: wedding photo, check out this mirror.

I worked at a wedding there, and upstairs they had a photoshoot going on, with rooms and rooms of prop furniture, so I'm sure the place could be styled a number of ways.
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Best answer: I hit post too quicky: check out the photos of the second floor of the metropolitan building:
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Definitely not the Puck, given the (1) scale of the room, (2) room divisions--they're permanent, not temporary, and (3) foyer.
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I think that's it, inertia. Look at the floor, and the color of the wall in the background.
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I think so too, inertia, the shelves, curtains and chandelier also look right....
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Definitely not the Puck

It's been a while since I worked there (actually more than a decade, which is incredible to me), but they have/had some smaller, but quite lovely spaces upstairs that I thought could possibly be it, at any rate, I wonder if they're from the same building/architectural era?
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I guess it's romantic renaissance revival from Gilded Era times (late 19th and early 20th Century).

Anyhow, I get married anytime soon, I would do it at that Metro building in LIC. Very beautiful.
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Response by poster: Holy crap, inertia, those are some fine visual sleuthing skills! I'm pretty sure it's the Metropolitan Building. The last picture on that link, bottom right, has me nearly convinced.

Backstory for the question: I'm friends of a friend of a friend of a friend etc of a woman who had apparently had her wedding at this space. Somehow in a fit of boredom I came across her photo album. The pictures were gorgeous, and I actually messaged her (with apologies for how random my question was) to ask her about the place, but she is either still honeymooning or just weirded out by a random stranger's message on Facebook. I asked all our mutual friends, but none had attended the wedding. I was determined to find out, and now I think I have!

FWIW, it's a $7000 site fee for weddings, which is more than we can afford, but certainly reasonable for NYC weddings these days.
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Just dropping in to say that this is definitely the Metropolitan building. I went to a wedding there yesterday. Stunningly beautiful.
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