Combine RSS feeds into new feed?
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I know there have been several RSS-related questions, but I couldn't find the answer to the specific scenario I'm looking for. I want to combine several of my published RSS feeds into a single combined RSS feed.

I'm a happy paying customer of CaRP, and I have used Bloglines and the like. All of them, however, seem to focus on "web-friendly presentation" of RSS feeds. That is, a My Yahoo!-like page where the feeds that I like are all posted neatly together. What I want is to take all those feeds and publish a new RSS feed, not a nice web page.

Feedburner calls this "feed parsing" or "splicing," I believe. But they are basically only allowing you to take your blog feed, and to mix it with your Flickr or feeds. That is, one blog, and maybe two specific services. I want to combine several text feeds, albeit all on the same domain.

FWIW, this is for a Movable Type powered site, where I run an online journal, weblog, moblog, and review sections, each with their own RSS feed. I'd love to give folks a single XML file that mixes 'em all up. I don't suppose there's an easy way to do this in Movable Type?
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Response by poster: By the way, I'm looking at the MultiBlog plugin for MT... but this basically means starting yet another blog within MT just to get its RSS feed... which I've yet to determine even works.
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Best answer: MultiBlog is what I would've suggested. You should be able to get content from you other sections into your main RSS feed.
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Feedburner is working on the arbitrary-feed-splicing functionality and is rumored to be close to releasing it.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the quick replies. I installed MultiBlog, inserted its tags into my RSS/Atom index templates, and half an hour later, voila, locally-generated aggregate feed. I'll definitely keep an eye on Feedburner (so I can mix feeds across domains/CMSes), but this'll work great for now.
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Here's how Eric Benson does it using Bloglines. I'd like to do this as well but am NOT using Movable Type and have been amazed at how this should be something easily doable but isn't, like how Feedpapers are supposed to work in Feedster, but don't. I have an all feeds feed on blogdigger groups but some of my feeds don't really seem to show up there, or not until days later which is sort of not that useful.
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You can also do it the kludgey way and make a friends list out of your feeds on livejournal. Of course someone has to then make feeds for your sites on livejournal, so I don't recommend this but it will work.
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Here are some articles and resources on the subject:I haven't tried this, so I can't give you any personal experience with any of these methods.
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As long as all your content sources are in the one Movable Type instance you should be golden. However you want to branch out and incorporate other stuff, you might look at Planet Planet which is a python based app that aggregates feeds together and creates a site and a combined RSS feed. Ignore the generated site and just use the combined RSS feed.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, for the additional links. I admit, while MT has annoyed me as of late, the simplicity of the MultiBlog solution was impressive. Still, I also run WordPress blogs, so cross-platform, cross-domain stuff will probably enter the picture eventually.

As to Bloglines, Feedster Feedpapers, and LiveJournal... all are interesting, but require a third-party server to remain available.

Ignore the generated site and just use the combined RSS feed.

That's what I find so weird about most of the solutions out there. Even my MultiBlog solution comes with a dummy blog, when all I want is the feed.
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yay multiblog!
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Disclaimer: This is mine, but for what it's worth, RSS Digest (which really sounds like it should support it already) will also support feed splicing in its next incarnation, in a few weeks' time. I can't wait, I already have a ton of places to use it myself..
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