Help me find a small hard drive that isn't a big lemon!
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I've come into possession of a Revision B Macbook Air that's in fine working order except for a dead hard drive, and now I'm trying to decide what to replace it with.

So far, the options I've found in a 1.8" drive, 5mm thick, SATA LIF connector drive are the stock Apple Samsung model HS12UHE (which I have doubts about the reliability of), and Runcore solid state drives, which are a tad pricey. Does anyone know of any other options, either HDD or SSD? Or have a strong opinion on / personal experience with this?

(This will be a backup machine, so I'm not itching to dump a huge amount of money into it, but would definitely like it to be as reliable as possible.)

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I think you're very limited in options. AFAIK, there were several other 1.8" drives, but they turned out to be 8mm and couldn't fit in the 5mm spec required by the Air. You might try searching the Air sub-forum at MacRumors for threads on the topic.
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If you can swing it, I'd go for the SSD.
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I did try the MacRumors forum earlier, so it looks like SSD is about the only viable option.
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