There's a knob for that.
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I'm looking for an image of a ridiculously over-the-top complicated control panel. The more knobs, switches, dials, buttons, gauges, etc, the better.

A friend at work makes a piece of software that has a notoriously unmanageable number of "knobs". That's the term they use; they're command-line options/parameters. I need to poke fun at them for this, so I'm going to make a little joke poster in the "" vein to send to them. For this noble purpose I need an image of decent resolution (thumbnails just aren't funny) of a control panel/system with a preposterous number of "knobs". Knobs, switches, dials, buttons, gauges, etc.
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I did some browsing for scientist and "control panel" and found some neat images, this one (from this) is maybe my favorite because it is old-timey looking and what is that wheel for? Astronaut stuff is often good for this because it's from the 60s-70s in many cases. One example (from here). Lots of good stuff at the Computer Conservation Society in their Ressurection issue.
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This may be up your alley...
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The control room at the Chernobyl reactor is pretty impressive.
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I've had good luck by googling "control room."
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An F1 car's steering wheel is pretty complicated.
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As far as toggle switches go...

There's a good photoblog for this (and its accompanying FPP.)
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Airbus cockpit. Actually any modern jet airliner will have awesome cockpit layouts. There is one for the shuttle floating around too if you search.
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Control panel of linear accelator, at Stanford University. 1954. (The full-res version has a watermark which you may be able to crop out for your purposes.)
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So most sound mixing consoles look pretty complex

(note they're not as bad as they look since they're basically the same row repeated for every channel of audio)
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Switches. I can't remember what it is, only that I grabbed it because it looked awesome.
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I don't think you can get much more ridiculous on this score than a sound studio control panel. Not only a crazy abundance of knobs, sliders and switches but vast swathes of them appear identical and they are designed to be operated by only a couple people and maybe even a single person.
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B-52 Stratofortress cockpit - each of the eight engines has its own set of gauges.
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How about a Funk Logic 3P-III Palindrometer?
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Fighter Aircraft Cockpit!
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Check out the console for the largest pipe organ in the world.
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The cockpit of the space shuttle was mentioned earlier, but not linked. Here's a very big photo.
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Space Shuttle cockpit.
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Definitely Google Image search "nuclear control room."

They are quite complex.
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