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I want to build a website in my spare time which will list offers on food and drinks which are currently going on at supermarkets. I would like it to be a casual blog style. I may also invite friends to write reviews about wines etc.

I dont expect to get rich doing this but then I dont intend to spend hours and hours on it either. I have some questions:

1. What is the best plug and play platform that I can use for it?

2. If I copy images of the products (eg picture of wine bottle) from the store's website is that violation of copyright?

3. I would like to explore the possibility of using affiliate links so when people click and buy these products I may get a penny or two.

4. I would also like to be able to put google/other adverts on the page so people can click through and I get a few pennies from those.

As I said I dont want this to be a source of income. Costs to cover my hosting costs etc will be fine.

I am an intermediate level computer user and have some idea of Tumblr, wordpress, posterous etc but I have absolutely no idea about how to sources adverts or affiliate revenue.

Look forward to your ideas and suggestions to help me progress this hobby project.

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Adsense is integrated into Blogger. Very easy to implement, but I have no experience of using it.
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Copying images from store web sites will possibly get you in trouble (assuming the store is smart enough to trace back to you). Not so much because it's a copyright violation (although it probably is), but because those sales are loss-leaders. Bargain-hunting sites tend to get at least a little harassment on this front, and certain stores (Wal-Mart, Ulta) will actually kick you out if they see you writing down prices.
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wordpress? Wordpress!

"3. I would like to explore the possibility of using affiliate links so when people click and buy these products I may get a penny or two."

You can do this only when the seller supports this. Honestly this would be quite unlikely. It works with amazon but I am not aware of supermarkets offering affiliate programs.
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On the technical side, WordPress will make this easy for you. Assuming (from your use of the word 'Bob') that you're in the UK, Tesco has an affiliate program, but I'm not sure if any of the other supermarkets do.

Are you sure that a significant proportion of readers would click through and buy online, rather than going in to a store? If I were you, I'd be more tempted to concentrate on food/drink offers from online retailers, which are far more likely to have affiliate schemes, and consequently far more likely to approve of your website and not make life hard for you.
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