What's a good place to meet women in Phoenix?
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What's a good place to meet women around Phoenix, AZ? Aside from, of course, the obvious clubs and bars that everyone always thinks of first...
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You didn't include a lot of details of your interests, age, and activity level. I don't even know if you're a girl looking for a a girl, or what.

You're youngish
Straight male
Recently moved to Phoenix
Relatively active

I live in LA, but have been to Phoenix many, many times. A great place to meet women is the gym, particularly a class. You're working out with women, and it gets easy to talk to them particularly if you start going on a regular basis. Yoga and spinning seem to have the greatest girl:guy ratio (though I've been told that yoga also has more older ladies than younger ladies, but I think that varies from gym to gym).

Also, consider swing dancing or salsa dancing. There are usually places around almost any town that have a get-together one night per week. They'll have free (or very low-cost) lessons early in the evening, and then good music and dancing into the night. It's a great way to meet new people and is very inexpensive.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your suggestions, rybreadmed! All your assumptions were correct. Sorry about that, I guess I'm just a bit tired and forgot all the details.

Clarification: I'm a straight guy in my early 20s, in shape, who recently moved to Phoenix, and I'm looking to meet some women around my own age. :)
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If you're near Tempe and if you can swing the time and money commitment, you could do very well by taking a class or two at ASU. Same thing goes for lots of the community colleges around town.
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Not very long ago, you could find the misfits and losers on the online dating sites, and you'd have to go get out of the house to meet the awesome people.
Times seem to be changing. I'm finding that the traditional get-out-and-meet-people places are where you find the losers, whilst online dating has become sufficiently respectable among a significant portion of the people who are too full of win to be spending their time hanging around meet-people places, they spend their time off doing awesome things instead :-)
(Apologies for the blunt phrasing)
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OKCupid is a great way to meet girls in Phoenix.

Mill Ave on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights is also great. (Tempe starts the weekend early. Only losers go to Thursday and Friday classes.)

If you're at all Interested in Science, or futurism, there's always tons of evening lectures going on. The Beyond Center and Origins Initiative both hold lots of free and open to the public events for people to talk about awesome stuff. The AZ Science Center also has an Adults Only event every first Friday of the every month, with a beer and wine bar.

First Fridays, for that matter, the downtown Phoenix artwalk, might be a reasonable place to meet ladies, if you like artsy types.

Changing Hands bookstore in South Tempe also has lots of great events. There are other community-center type places sprinkled all over the Valley.

Essentially though, everything but the OKCupid recommendation is about getting out into various communities and enjoying yourself and having fun. This helps ensure you'll meet girls who are interested in things you are, and enjoy doing things you like to do.
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rock climbing gym!

and nthing:
college classes
Mill Ave
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I would suggest joining some social / networking groups, like Meetin.org or Meetup.com. Both have very active Phoenix / Tempe / Scottsdale groups that are very welcoming to all people, single and couples. Also Raven Events has quite a few happy hours and other events to meet people.

I've met a TON of folks this way, leading to many wonderful offline friendships.

The GF and I are more than happy to introduce you around sometime, drop me a memail if you are interested (she is an excellent wing-woman).
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