Good SEO submission software or submitters
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What are some good SEO software submitters out there?

Could you please tell me your experience with it too please. I'm looking for some auto submission software for search engines, directories and social bookmarking sites. The software doesn't need to do all 3 or more.
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Pure snakeoil nonsense. You don't have to do anything or submit anything for search engines to find your site, and anyone who tells you that you do is just trying to sell you some useless software.

As far as auto-submitting anything to social link sites, that too sounds very bad, the kind of thing where you pay a fee to get a URL comment-spammed on a bunch of blogs. That's abusive behavior that you should want nothing to do with, and it doesn't even accomplish anything as blog comments have rel=nofollow.
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The automated, submit to multiple directories gameplan is so very 2005.

SEO involves a lot of things, but the rule #1 is "create meaningful content (that Google can find) that other people will find valuable." That way, others will link to your site, and your Google Search rank will increase.

Since linkbuilding is a core aspect of SEO, you can always create your own inbound links by using "article directory" sites such as EzineArticles. However, EzineArticles is not automated; the sites that do allow for automated posting are worse than useless, because not only does the Google algorithm disregard inbound links generated on sites where you can automate submissions, it actually will penalize any site (in this case your site) they are linking to. So, linkbuilding (a practice that may be good for SEO but is Bad For The Internet) takes a lot of time and a lot of blood sweat and tears.

As for Social Media, you can definitely automate the process with HooteSuite. HooteSuite allows you to set up and automate Twitter, Facebook and other campaigns.
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On second thought, you need to optimize your site. You're competing in the insurance market, and your competitors have infinite resources. You need to focus on a local market. You need to overhaul your site and optimize it for conversions. Or, if that is too hard and you don't want to do it, find a windmill, a lance, a horse, and a sidekick named Sancho Panza.
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Google's Webmaster Guidelines, especially the second half, and Search Engine Optimzation pages are worth a read.
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Like the others have said, quality content and optimization is what is going to help you out. However if you don't really care and just want a boost in rankings there isSEnuke which will automate things for you. You can use that for posting to a punch of social networking/bookmarking sites. However if you don't have quality content and a good starting backlink profile than your site is going to get marked down and get pushed to the bottom on the rankings. I have never used this software but I have read reviews and peoples thoughts on using it.
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Hi Bacillus,

Here are a few things you can do to "automatically" submit your website to search engines, directories, and social bookmark websites.

For search engines: the closest thing you can do is to "ping" your website. There are a number of free tools that let you do this. Two of them are pingler and Ping-o-Matic. This will notify some services that your website has been updated. It will help getting new pages indexed if you're having indexation problems.

For directories: As far as I know, there is no tool that will automatically submit to them. One tool I know of that speeds up the manual process is Directory Submitter. It really isn't good at what it does, and directory links are extremely devalued now. If I were you, I'd spend that time instead ensuring you have a quality website. After that, I'd reach out to people in your field explaining your website, and telling them that your website is a helpful resource their visitors may be interested in. I'd take 5-10 "natural" links like this over thousands of directory links anyway.

For bookmarks: bookmarkwiz and bookmarkingdemon will both auto submit your websites. But again, this should not be your main focus in an SEO campaign. These links matter very little. You'd be wise to spend your time doing other things.

Good luck!
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