ATA rack case, 48 hours, SF Bay Area. Go!
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ATA-approved rack case in the SF Bay Area today or tomorrow?

I need a 10U to ~18U, 24" depth, ATA-approved case, new or used, in my hands in the SF Bay Area today or tomorrow (Friday/Saturday).

An appropriate SKB rack is the 3SKB-R910U24.

Bonus points for being near Palo Alto. Price is largely not an issue.

[Yes, I'm aware racks are usually custom ordered ahead of time.]

Maybe you or a friend have one sitting around? Please please please.
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Central Computers would be my first bet. Santa Clara, Newark, SF, and Sunnyvale stores. Fry's and Weirdstuff would be the next two.
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Graybar is another place to call, they have emergency sourcing available, but it is pricey in my experience.
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I have never seen any indication that Central Computers carries ATA cases. Nor have I seen them at Fry's (not that I have been in all of the Fry's within 20 miles of San Jose (nope, that would be crazy)).

Weirdstuff Warehouse (Sunnyvale) has used ones on occasion.

Guitar Center (Santa Clara) certainly has some in the store, but they may not be that deep.
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You might try calling a few big sound reinforcement companies to see if they don't have one lying around they could sell you.
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If you're still looking, try the theatre sound mailing list and possibly the stagecraft mailing list. Both are national, but have a number of Bay Area people and lots of resourceful folks in general.
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An addendum for anyone that ends up here by search; Halted Supplies in Santa Clara always has a selection of shipping containers for rack mount and other computer/electrical equipment.
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Response by poster: HalTed and Weirdstuff do indeed have ATA-approved rack cases occasionally.

Fry's and Central Computers never do.

Contacting a friend in sound reinforcement, corporate theater, or stagecraft can often work.

My solution was Gelb Music in Redwood City, which is functionally the same as contacting Guitar Center or Guitar Showcase. They have a variety of non-shock mounted cases, which are good enough to get on the airplane without the airlines requiring you to sign the "yes please break it" agreement.

TSA does, indeed, go into the rack case, and leaves notes that they were there. And I had to reassemble parts inside the case within the rackcase, either from rough handling or TSA incursion.
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