I Wish I Could Clone My Shoes...
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I have a pair of shoes I really like that I bought a while ago. I have the identification number but google isn't helping. Can you?

I have a pair of Reebok shoes which read, on the inside of the tongue, "RB 606 PYE 4-107968". Googling for "RB 606 PYE" isn't helping. Does anybody in the hive mind have any ideas on how I can buy these shoes?


(If you have an amazing pair of shoes that work for a 6' skinny, athletic guy (I run from class to class...) with bad arches, I'll also take your suggestions. My budget isn't much though, $40-$60.)
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Oh, I wear a 12.5 (american) size shoe.
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Have you tried to contact Reebok?

They may be able to help you find the same pair or a newer version of the same model.
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Googling "Reebok 107968" brings up lots of hits for this shoe. Is that the one you're looking for?
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I'd call Zappos, and see what their customer service team can figure out for you.
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Excellent! The green does a great job once again!
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