Recommend to me a good restaurant in Las Vegas!
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I'm going to Las Vegas over the weekend and meeting with a friend for lunch on Sunday (and possibly also dinner) and we have some overlapping food issues that are making finding places a little tricky.

Of course I'm also hitting Yelp and google and some travel sites, but there's something about a personal recommendation that carries more weight and comfort with me and the people I'm traveling with.

So, what we have is a) Someone who keeps kosher - but is very happy to eat vegetarian/vegan, and enjoys i) b) a near-omnivore who will eat anything EXCEPT soy (but other vegetarian food is okay), and c) A third person with a fair number of serious food allergies (including soy) and some vegetables (carrots, squash, yams, pumpkins) and 'raw' dairy issues. (cheese is fine, butter is fine, milk is not.) The allergic person does not have atmospheric or contact allergies - they can be around food they're allergic to as long as they aren't eating the food.

I'm looking for recommendations of places that have a wide and varied menu and have can accommodate all of us, where the food is good. Ideally within walking distance of the Strip, since while we'll have a car, we'll probably be on foot.
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Spice market buffet at PH has a wide assortment of dishes and as a picky eater about meat and unable to eat seafood I did just fine. So maybe a buffet?
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I don't have a specific restaurant recommendation for you, but it sounds like an Italian restaurant might fit the bill perfectly. Highly unlikely to see soy at such a place. The vegetarian options will be easy -- salads or pastas. The person with all the allergies could have some grilled chicken or fish, or a vegetarian pasta without a cream sauce.

But yeah, those buffets pride themselves on having a huge variety, so that would probably be great for you, too.
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Hmm maybe the deli inside ny ny.
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Pretty much any restaurant that serves a steak will serve a salad. Just have to find one of those that'll follow whatever requirements the Kosher person has.
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I have no idea if it works with your requirements (although I don't see why it wouldn't, or what else would be better), but I encourage everyone who visits here to have lunch at the Top of the World -- the rotating restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere. Lunch prices are very reasonable, and eating there gets you free admission to the observation platform. The selection is decent enough that your needs should be met. Menu (.pdf)

If you think Italian might foot the bill better, I'd recommend Battista's (not open 'til 4:30, though).

And if all else fails, the Bellagio champagne brunch is excellent.
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Other Italian suggestion: Brio at Town Square (plus town square is close to the strip and one of the more popular places in Vegas at the moment).
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Best answer: Komol Thai restaurant are very good about doing special orders, have gluten instead of soy for most of the veggie dishes, and their vegetarian and vegan dishes are prepared separately from the meat dishes for your Kosher friend.
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