Vonage World plan, 60 countries included, is it good enough?
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Anyone here using Vonage World plan? Is it good enough? Any alternatives?

I call Australia, Canada, China, India and Sweden a lot for work issues. I didn't want to use different services for different countries so I have been using Rebtel and ActionVoip for all of these together.
Today, I noticed Vonage World plan that includes unlimited calling to all of the countries of my interest for $36.60 per month (including local taxes). I am currently using Cablevision service that costs me $32 per month or so and except US, I can not call anywhere for free.

I am seriously considering switching to Vonage World, as there is no contract involved. Before I make a switch, I would like to know if the service is really good. Since I am using it for work purposes, I can not really afford to have any disturbance with the service. Anyone using this plan at the moment? Are there any other strings attached in the fine print?

Thanks for all the comments in advance.

P.S. - I live in NY, if that makes any difference.
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Well, we use Vonage World at home. We make a lot of international calls (including India). We have found the call quality to be reasonably good (I dont use Vonage from my mobile).

An increasing number of corporation are using VoIP for international calling.
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