Can I watch Hulu in Asia?
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Now that I'm hooked on Hulu & Watch Instantly Netflix, will I be able to utilize them while traveling this winter? Or, are there similar websites that I can use to watch TV shows or movies on my Mac laptop from SE Asia and Australia?
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Hulu is not available outside North America. Netflix streams only to US and Canada. If you wanted to use these sites you would have to subscribe to a VPN service.
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Hulu is US only rather.
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The short answer is: not legally.
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Not what you're asking exactly, but in Asia you'll be able to watch pretty much anything you want just by buying pirate DVDs at bargain prices. In Australia the main TV channels have catch-up online viewing of shows they're broadcasting.
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Rather than mess around trying to bypass their restrictions with a private VPN, I would suggest if possible, a SlingBox setup to your Hulu/Netflix player. . . not sure what that is . . assuming it's a desktop PC you'd have to be able to control it via IR . . or just set it to stream via SlingBox and then use a remote desktop solution to navigate the sites, etc.
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I've used Hotspot Shield to watch Netflix outside of the US.
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patrad - the OP is traveling. That's a heck of a lot of bother to deal with while traveling.

OP - I'm in the same boat. As a matter of fact I'm on a two week/four city European trip right now and I'm missing my Hulu/Netflix something fierce. My best suggestion is to rip some stuff/buy some stuff from iTunes and enjoy that way.
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I've just confirmed that Hotspot Shield will work for Hulu as well. (Thanks Bango Skank!)
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