Getting All Versions of a File from SourceSafe
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Is there an easy way to get all the versions of a file from the history in Microsoft SourceSafe 6.0?

Our compliance department is more and more frequently asking for a copy of every version of a file (or oftentimes a group of files) ever published to our intranet site. It's a pain to go into the history, get each version of the page, rename it with the date it was changed and then move on to the next version, especially when they're asking for 30 files that each have 30 different versions. There's got to be a better way to do this, right?
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No idea, but it sounds like a job for a script. Here's someone scripting VSS to get around an annoyance: VSS Automation script

Here's an MSDN article that might help: Visual SourceSafe 6.0 Automation.

Good luck.
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Been a long while since I played with VSS. We wanted to do an automated checkout / edit version numbers / build / checkin and label if build succeeded sequence, and I seem to recall deciding that the Visual BASIC road was too rocky. If I remember right, I ended up using the VSS command line interface in bash scripts running under Cygwin (the DOS batch language being too feeble to contemplate, especially as we had a mix of Win98 and WinNT boxes).

I also remember spending much more time swearing at VSS than at bash :)
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