Recommended drinks for combating the sting of capsaicin in spicy food...?
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I know that casein-based products are boss, but which beverages should I get if I run out of kefir? I mean, it's kinda awkward to eat ice cream alongside curry, so no desserts, please.
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Are you talking about while you're at home or out eating?
Why not just make a lassi? Water or milk, plain yogurt, ice, shake. Add spices if you're feeling less lazy. Not lazy? Add fruit and use the blender. I hate cleaning the blender, myself. Yogurt's useful in plenty of things, so there's no reason not to have some in the fridge if you're dairyphilic.
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I've always heard that the three things that take the bite out of spice are bread, beer, and dairy products.

For instance, let's say you're in an Indian restaurant and decide to order lamb vindaloo. You get a little "spiced out", as I like to say. Just order a side of naan - a bite of plain rice might do in a pinch. Indian food also has dahi and raita - adding a cooling yogurt sauce as a condiment in spicy dishes to cool them down. It's almost the opposite of the Western custom of having hot sauce at the table for people to make their food spicier to taste.

You could also have a beer alongside your meal. Nothing goes better in my opinion with spicy food than a cold beer.

If you're at home, why not just have a glass of milk?
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It's a condiment, not a drink, but this is exactly what raita is for.
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I like a bit of salt in my lassi (which I originally learned to make as ayran, which is the exact same beverage only Turkish, and it goes by many other names besides). I usually make it half and half water and yogurt, with a pinch of salt - enough so you can taste it but it's not overpowering. And I always have plain yogurt in the fridge - it's breakfast, it's a condiment, it's dessert, it's soup!
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I have always heard that you should drink dairy of some kind, specifically because the substances involved aren't water-soluble, but they are fat-soluble.
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Nothing to do with cooling properties, but Fanta with spicy food is my favourite!
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