How can I fix my USB display adapter?
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Please help me straighten out a wayward Diamond BVU195 USB Display Adapter.

I love my awesome Diamond BVU195 display adapter thing. It's a USB video card that I use for a third monitor on my Win 7 computer. I bluescreened this morning when I tried to watch a flash video, and ever since then my third monitor has been acting funny. The screen will occasionally flash to blank, often long enough that the monitor will turn itself off. If I try to drag an active window across, it'll completely go blank until I bring it back.

So far I've tried rebooting, plugging the adapter into a different USB port, and uninstalling/reinstalling the software. No dice. It looks like a Windows Update this morning failed (KB979538) which has something to do with USB video cards. Given the timing, this seems like a likely culprit.

Any suggestions on what to do next?
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You can uninstall the update that you're suspecting caused the problem.
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Response by poster: Hmm - no luck. The update failed, so I got a hotfix. That didn't help, so I tried uninstalling the hotfix. Still no luck. :(
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Or if you have System Restore enabled you can roll back to a restore point prior to the updates. Updates from MS create a system restore point before installing if its enabled.
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Some parts of the USB circuitry stay powered up all the time - so that USB keyboards can have buttons to turn the computer on, and things like that. This can create the situation where rebooting doesn't quite reset everything.

I suggest you turn off your computer, unplug the mains lead (and, if it's a laptop, the battery), unplug the USB device (and its power supply if it has one), go get a cup of coffee, then turn things back on and reconnect them.

(I've seen problems in the past that were only resolved by doing this - although it's unusual)
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