Help me find places indoors to marry in DC for free.
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Where can I marry couples for free in DC during the colder months?

Last month, I wrote in asking for suggestions for private places in Dupont Circle where I could marry couples for free. Thanks to everyone for their responses.

But, now that the seasons are changing, I need to find similar places indoors so that the wedding party and I aren't standing out in the snow come November.

I know mrmoonpie asked a similar question previously. But, I was hoping for a few additional suggestions. I also need some recommendations on after hours venues, as well, as I am only available starting at 6:00 pm on weekdays.
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This is a little out of left field but the DC Public Library's meeting rooms are available free of charge as long as your event is "open to the public". For a small event like a wedding, having the meeting technically be open would probably not mean that it was actually open. I don't think this would be your first choice, but it's nice, free and easily available in many locations around the city.
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Another good place to ask this is the Got Plans chat on, Thursdays at 1:00. (And I swear that I'm not a shill even though I recommend this for so many DC questions. Just like their chat.)
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I'm going to second the previous suggestion for GW's Marvin Center at H & 21st. It's open to non-students (most buildings require a key card) and remains unlocked during off-hours. There's also 2100 Penn, a shopping complex / office building, nearby, which is pretty quiet later in the day if you stick to the first floor closer to Johnny Rocket's rather than the other restaurants.
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