Partnership agreement drafting
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Partnership agreement drafting in the UK

I'm in the process starting a business in the UK and have formed a partnership. I need a partnership agreement (deed of partnership) drafted on a budget. We intend to split the ownership/profits 80% / 20% - this is the main reason we need something put in writing. We also intend to dissolve the partnerhsip in around a years time to create a limited company. Does anyone know of a reliable solicitor/lawyer capable of drafting this kind of agreement quickly and easily - most importantly - on a tight budget?

Thank you for your recommendations, and help.
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As getting this bit right is fairly crucial to avoid problems down the line it is worth spending money on it
posted by koahiatamadl at 8:43 PM on September 28, 2010

Business Link may give some pointers.
posted by wilko at 11:29 PM on September 28, 2010

The Law Society has a 'find a solicitor' service, just search by postcode and area of law.
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Response by poster: What about the drafting services of web based companies like - are these trustworthy, or should one avoid these services? They quoted £280 for the document I described above.
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