Where to find data about online weather usage?
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Asking for Mr. C: Where would you look for research done on how people interact with weather data online?

He continues:

"Specifically, I am looking for data on what people want when they go to a weather website or use a weather application. I've done cursory searches on Neilsen Online and a Google search, but I'm not confident I'm forming my query in the best way. Any help from the hive mind would be appreciated!"

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I'm pretty sure that Susan Joslyn, a psychologist at the University of Washington, is looking at this exact thing, among others.
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Cliff Mass has talked about the research the UW is doing into that. He pointed people to a survey and posted the results at one point, so you might want to search around his blog.
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This is likely to be a very complex answer, and very varied across demographics. For example: I'm a sailplane pilot. When I go to a weather website, I'm typically visiting XCSkies to get the day's soaring forecast for my area (thermal strength, top of lift, etc). Power pilots are going to be checking aviation weather forecasts that meet their own needs (DUATS, etc). I've heard names of sailing weather sites passed around too, and I know a friend who canyoneers and has to check the probability of rain that could raise the water level in the canyon she's planning to be in to unsafe levels.

Who are you interested in? What website(s) are you interested in. You'll need to narrow this stuff down to get meaningful answers.
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