One man film?
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What sort of films can I make with just me and my camera?

So, I'm a film major, and I want to be making more films than I am, but I don't have anyone to act in them! So, what can I do by myself? I have a camera, an external mic, and I'm good with Final Cut and After Effects. I'm a terrible drawer. I'm not too keen on using my own voice for stuff like voiceovers.

Please no suggestions on how to find actors.
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Short slice of life documentaries with you as the narrator?
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Damn, I saw you said you don't want your own voice - but surely you know someone who would be willing to read a short voice over
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Do you necessarily want to be making narrative films? There are many, many examples of experimental filmmaking or video art or filmic collage that require nothing by way of narrative or even necessarily human subject, and working on things like this can still help a lot with the practices of cinematography, editing, etc., especially as concerns the effect that editing has on the viewer without narration or a story to follow.
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Response by poster: Any type of suggestion is welcome, shakespeherian.
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Find a story that you want to tell first and figure out how to tell it second.
Without a story or aim you'll spin your wheels. It's a tough slog to force a
narrative structure on random elements.

I would also take a look at the work of this one man filmmaker.
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You may find the guy who does pouringdown rather inspiring. Also check out The Ronin for motivation. Best of luck.
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Follow a local sports team (high school for example). Film their practices, meetings, warmups and games; film the players, coaches, fans, and parents. By the time you have all this filmed, you'll have a story--a championship season, a heartbreaking season, highlights, lowlights, drama, fast paced action, all sorts of stuff.
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You're a film major - so you have seen this landmark film?
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Follow yourself around by just holding a tripod at the correct spot. And without talking. Also attack the Death Star and chase Bruce Campbell.
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Just brainstorming here but...
  • Stop-motion animation. Maybe using found objects.
  • Puppets.
  • Film a group of animals and edit their interactions into a narrative.
  • Concert film of a local band.
  • Play all the parts yourself. Which is silly, but it makes me wonder what kind of story you can tell with that constraint.

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